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"This is the latest example where the government seems to think they are entitled to get all sorts of information without providing an adequate justification."
Author: Fine Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"But you can't do the piece without that component of fanaticism, and there is no better visual example of that than the head-shaving."
Author: Freeland Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"His work ethic is really a good example for the younger guys. Just the experience of being through three Olympic Games will really help settle things down."
Author: Yzerman Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Everyone has this sense of togetherness right now. For example, one guy on the subway today, he wanted to share my pants."
Author: Letterman Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"We expect our leaders to lead by example, but we do not expect them to give up their individual rights."
Author: Pace Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"This fundraiser is the prime example of what is wrong with our system. They write their $100,000 checks because they hope to get a favor in return."
Author: Furillo Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"The guys look at me as a leader. I try to lead by example. I want to be in that situation, just because I know guys are counting on me. I want to be there for them."
Author: Doellman Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"We as parents have to lead by example. Showing our kids what it's like to have healthy lifestyles and what it's like to eat right and exercise is so important."
Author: Armstrong Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"He's an example for all kids as to what can happen through hard work. He's a kid who has played himself to a scholarship this year."
Author: Brehon Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"He likes to show by example. Even when he's in pain or he's not getting around well, he shows that no matter what, whatever may be hindering you, you can get past that. You can contribute ... He is an example for kids — that anyone in the community who has an excuse, that there are no excuses."
Author: Briggs Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Illegal immigration has become a dominant issue in this race. It's another example of where people see a lack of leadership in Washington."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"For example, there'd be no room for a resident trooper if we should decide at some point we want to have one."
Author: Moeller Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"This is the most blatant example of 'mob rule'."
Author: Vejjajiva Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"I think, yes. I think they were trying to make an example out of Mr. Phillips. I think they picked the wrong guy to make an example out of, that's all."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"We need something as mundane as a loading dock. We need to prepare, for example, for the arrival of the river, which is going to be transformative."
Author: Oettinger Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"For example, I have had students whose spouses were pregnant and asked to keep their cell phone on and that was no problem."
Author: Crothers Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"He's a leader by example. He's not real verbal but he plays hard. He's always where he is supposed to be. He always does what I ask him to do. And when he does that, the other guys follow him. He knows the team is watching, so he always gives everything his best."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"This is a very tangible example of that. Things are different than they used to be."
Author: Lawrence Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"The Canadian government is following the bad example set by the U.S. administration if it thinks it can hide the facts from the population. Respect for the grief of the families is of course necessary, but it should not be used as a pretext that is tantamount to censorship."
Author: Borders Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"[Mutual funds] don't last as long as you would expect; for example in the 1990s over 50 percent of all the mutual funds that have been in business during the decade are no longer here, ... If you invest in a firm you want to hold it long-term, but if the fund doesn't exist your option is nil."
Author: Bogle Quotes Category: Example Quotes

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