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"He's definitely a guy I look up to. He leads by example. He's a gifted and talented hockey player."
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"For example, one of the more common ones is if a guy races you really hard, and it seems pointless at the time, then next time when he's in a position that he needs a break, you don't cut him one. That's sort of the main one that I probably deal with most often."
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"I'm a classic example of what can happen if you follow your inner voice. I was cursed with interests and some talent in many different areas. It confuses people."
Author: Benedict Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"I think he's done an excellent job. He's just a great example of a young player that works hard, has improved and the production has showed up on the field."
Author: Capers Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"We want to lead by example. Just look at Billy Guerin's first shift. He blocks a shot, goes down and scores a goal."
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"He's a perfect example of what we've let slip away in the image of a coach - the job is a teaching job, ... Bill certainly has a great deal of self-confidence, but he's got the humility to know that he can always learn from somebody that's successful. To me, the smarter you are, the more you want to learn."
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"He's probably a great example of just what we're looking for in unrestricted free agency. He's young, he's healthy. He's done a lot of things, and maybe most importantly, he's a great guy, classy kid ... and he's coming from a program that's won a lot of games so that's very, very important to us."
Author: Reese Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"He's a prime example of everything you look for in an unrestricted free agent. He's young, athletic, dependable, versatile and comes from a winning program."
Author: Reese Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Again, I think (he's) an example of what we've been looking for."
Author: Reese Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Nerves are not an issue. To me, Ann Strother is a perfect example of someone who came in here as a freshman and was never afraid to take the big shot, to have the ball in crucial situations. Some kids are just different and they have it in them. She does."
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"It's smart environmental policy that's good for consumers. This is a perfect example of where we should be,"
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"This is a good example of a great system and players executing a game plan. We are like every other team in the league right now with injuries, but you are still a team and still have a lot to play for."
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"Show up, get your feet wet, set a good example; there's lots of reasons to."
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"Ryan is a great example of what a student?athlete should be. Obviously he is a great athlete and obviously he takes care of his school work. Ryan is someone we are very proud of. He is a great example for all of our younger guys."
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"The team played great, and we had so many good chances. It was a really good example of where this team can be."
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"One thing is for sure ? we battled until the last out. Tonight was a perfect example of how good of a team we are and how much better we are from last year."
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"For example, they show... that the president didn't know about the Watergate break-in, as he always asserted (and) that throughout the second half of 1972 he repeatedly urged his aides not to cover up Watergate, as he always asserted."
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"This state has been an example not only for other surrounding states but also for the nation and for the world."
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"If you were to, for example, increase your ethanol usage to 20% of the fuel supply, you'd use 100% of the corn crop."
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"This is an example of the resiliency of the market, of what has driven stocks higher for months. You've got PPI, GE, not so great, but they find a positive angle and take the market up,"
Author: Hughes Quotes Category: Example Quotes

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