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"Part of it is fate and just random, but it's also fueled by the fact that last year was such a bad year for the industry. This year, a lot of acts were reluctant to go out right away,"
Author: Bongiovanni Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"I finally found my way back. You never plan on something like this until it happens. Fate has me back here. It's good to be back home."
Author: Edwards Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"They can either meet those terms at a bargaining table, or they can put their fate in the hands of 12 Minnesotans,"
Author: Humphrey Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"I tried to talk to him, ... to tell him this was fate, that it didn't go through; should we think about moving on?"
Author: Gundy Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"He deserved a much better fate."
Author: Tracy Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"When you're on the wrong side of the ledger column like that, it's just fate. It's unexplainable."
Author: Davidson Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"All humane things are subject to decay, And, when fate summons, Monarchs must obey."
Author: Dryden Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"Chance generally favors the prudent."
Author: Joubert Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"We're disappointed. We played a great game. We deserved a better fate. It's the best game we've played in a month."
Author: Hitchcock Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"It seemed like every mistake we made went in our net. We deserved a better fate. We had a ton of things go right. We out-shot them. We out-chanced them. We outplayed them, but they're an opportunistic team and they took advantage of the mistakes we made. That's what good teams do."
Author: Hitchcock Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"If you're 30 feet in the air, those things offer a false sense of security and can sometimes even be more dangerous. Plus there is that sense of thrill you get -- the tempting of fate -- that the audience can feel."
"So complicated to escape fate. And you can never understand til' we trade places"
Author: Shakur Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"He offers the never-never land of convenient cliches. a world where statesmen say, "We've not heard the end of this," where people turn "scarlet with anger," where the price of gold goes "sky-high" and where the unsuspecting outsider "little knew what fate had in store for him."
"I'll come to you tonight, dear, when it's late, You will not see me; you may feel a chill. I'll wait until you sleep, then take my fill,And that will be your future on a plate.They'll call it chance, or luck, or call it Fate."
"A man must know his destiny if he does not recognize it, then he is lost. By this I mean, once, twice, or at the very most, three times, fate will reach out and tap a man on the shoulder if he has the imagination, he will turn around and fate will point out to him what fork in the road he should take, if he has the guts, he will take it."
"The numbers look great but it doesn't seal the fate on having no increase in rates next week. It seems to be there are still some upside risks to inflation pressures."
Author: Berner Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"Put down your hollow tips and kiss your lovers lips and learn that fate is what you make of it"
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. I feel my fate in what I cannot fear. I learn by going where I cannot go."
"We are obviously going through a tough time, but we are going in the right direction. We really competed down the stretch and fought our way back. I thought we deserved a better fate."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"It's coming down to the final week, and we control our fate."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Fate Quotes

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