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Fights And Fighting Quotes

584 Fights And Fighting quotes:

"[Briggs was in good spirits on Wednesday. He was friendly and accessible and seemed to be in good fighting shape. He joked he weighed 375 pounds but conceded he's more likely in the 245-255 pound range. He said he didn't plan on losing any more weight (] Guys are big now ... I just want to win fights and have fun and just make the best out of my career."
"[In Washington, thousands of people marched in remembrance of the attacks and in tribute to troops fighting overseas.] I wish we could say ... that we were gathering today to commemorate a danger that had long since past, ... But we cannot. The enemy, though seriously weakened and continuously under pressure, continues to plot attacks, and the danger they pose to the free world is real and present."
"[While cautioning that Operation Iraqi Freedom was still far from over and] there's a lot more fighting that's going to be done, ... a very good day."
"[while fighting with Obi-Wan] You should not have come back!"

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