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"Heather just went after it. She tried to force the issue one way or another and decided to run with Kerry as long as she could. It put her in a good position to win."
Author: Calhoun Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"Air Force provided us with some unique things."
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"We believe this is a fair and responsible contract that recognizes the contributions of our CAW work force, while enhancing DaimlerChrysler Canada's overall competitiveness. Our Canadian-built vehicles are clearly industry benchmarks, and with this agreement, our Canadian operations will make significant progress in terms of competitiveness."
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"We can force them to cover the entire city, instead of cherry-picking the good parts. They often don't want to go into low-income areas."
Author: Bryan Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"He's the one who ultimately gets to decide what's in GPL, but he can't force anyone to use the license. He can ask that there be a bonfire in the square and burn all the impure software, but whether or not people show up for the bonfire is to be determined."
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"I think when we had all of our talent, stretched over the year, we are a force. We knew what we were facing this year."
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"Abercrombie met or was very close to meeting its sales force benchmark for Asians."
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"CDW is undertaking an extensive sales force realignment to position its account managers along geographic territories. While we agree with the logic behind this initiative, transitioning accounts in a relationship-intensive business is likely to be disruptive to sales momentum."
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"This is a Category 5 storm. Trust me, it is a powerful, powerful force of nature that you shouldn't be messing with."
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"We've seen the Gulf of Mexico relocate. The force of nature is something to behold."
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"I know from talking to companies that one reason they move to the City is because of the police force. The Met doesn't have the resources to concentrate on buildings and businesses."
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"The risk to crops and farms won't be as significant if it loses force, ... When you look at the lessons from Katrina, the eventual damage to agriculture was less than feared. The department of agriculture actually revised up its estimates of production in the state after Katrina passed."
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"She has a great work ethic and will definitely be a force to be reckoned with for a long time with that discipline and motivation."
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"Man masters nature not by force but by understanding. This is why science has succeeded where magic failed: because it has looked for no spell to cast over nature."
"In many ways it has not hit the work force yet."
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"If we don't have an international force there, there will be an empty Kosovo, and that is what the extremists in Belgrade want."
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"But if we have to go for a multinational peacekeeping force, we will consider it positively if it is needed, if it is required, in the light of developments, we will consider it positively. There is no dejection for that."
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"It is a powerful force when you can do that with one phone call,"
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"If you look at the overall season, he's been a very consistent and steady force back there. He's very poised and plays within his limits. That's been his strength."
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"Holiday '99 will force a shake-out about who can and who can't stand alone."
Author: May Quotes Category: Force Quotes

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