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"When we got down by double-digits, I thought we started to force it offensively. The guys are meaning well, but I thought they became impatient and tried to get it all back at one time. We got a little impatient with our shot selection."
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"Major decisions during the Lewinsky investigation have not been easy. And given the hurricane force winds swirling about us, we were well aware that no matter what decision we made, criticism would come from somewhere."
Author: Starr Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"exacerbated when there is an excessive use of force by the police. I'm appealing, quite frankly, to those persons who are very angry, to hold their anger a little longer, until we're able to bring a little justice here."
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"I want to force the other drivers to find a way past me."
"She's that quiet force on a team. Her presence never shows up in statistics as much as we felt it on the court. I think she was one of the top defenders in the state."
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"[WHAT THEY'RE SAYING:] The location is extremely convenient to MacDill Air Force Base but yet it's still a very quiet and somewhat secluded location for South Tampa, ... There's not a lot of new developments going in around there."
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"We use the Naval Academy and Air Force Academy as our models, ... I have to give credit to Johnson and his staff. They turned it around so quickly. It's amazing how fast they have done it."
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"Through Munich, we were able to force our cause into the homes of 500 million people."
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"We found him tired, haggard, and obviously a spent force,"
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"The connections between and among women are the most feared, the most problematic, and the most potentially transforming force on the planet."
"I didn't want to force him out of the weight room, but I thought he'd do well in track."
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"(Steubenville) made 25 turnovers against West Muskingum in the last game. We wanted to really force our tempo. We wanted to expose all their weaknesses and we really did a good job pressuring them into bad mistakes."
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"He understands the offense better now. He's trusting his knowledge and talent instead of trying to force it."
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"We're going to be there in force. I don't think there's going to be any surprises."
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"It's a nice, free air show, ... You're not going to get the (Air Force) Thunderbirds, but we have a lot of fun stuff."
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"He's really emerged. He's been a great force. He's playing tremendously."
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"Maybe we try to force it too much. They have great offensive players and if you give them the room ... plus they've been scoring a lot of power-play goals against us. We have to make sure in those two areas, we can't give the first line too many opportunities."
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"The Air Force spends a significant amount of money testing equipment, and operational costs go up each year with the aging of equipment. Our job is to keep those costs down and the planes flying."
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"I think if McCain-Feingold goes down, Sen. McCain will still be a force in the Senate,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"I think it's all really positive for the industry. It will force the industry to make the changes that are required to make the Internet viable in the long run."
Author: Andreessen Quotes Category: Force Quotes

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