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1838 American Celebrity quotes:

"If I had one wish for my children, it would be that each of them would reach for goals that have meaning for them as individuals."
"Owning a handgun doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician."
"The first tenet is that you should report corruption regardless of loyalty to incumbent or party."
"When it ceases to be fun, I'll stop and just stay in my restaurants."
"To recognize negativism as a force of creation is to give up the creative standpoint altogether."
"Men are like the stars; some generate their own light while others reflect the brilliance they receive."
"Nothing is so embarrassing as watching someone do something that you said couldn't be done."
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"You mean guys don't get injured in spring training? Guys get hurt walking down the street."
"We proved we could be safe and secure at home, and still have more allies and friends in the world."
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"We don't start a job that we can't finish... that's the American way."
"Hard work - I mean, does anybody use that term anymore? Laziness doesn't fly. It's all in the practice. It does take work and it ain't easy - but man, the rewards!"
"And I told her point blank, you've got everything to live for. You've got such talent. You're back singing great, lose the weight. And she went and did it, and look at her now!"
"Our fear of hypocrisy is forcing us to live in a world where gluttons are fine, so long as they champion gluttony."
"I noticed every time I spent a lot of time in the bathtub, I would just get fantastic realizations about myself, and they were so valuable and liberating."
"The more riches you have, the more you can share. So I like to share everything that I have that's of value."
"There is no method by which an average citizen can effectively fight the White House in the media."
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"Partying is such sweet sorrow."
"But I learned first-hand how the news media operates by watching how they interpreted, changed, and misrepresented my intentions."
"She put her hands around the neck of our production manager, and you know, started to choke him."
"When I'm actually assembling a scene, I assemble it as a silent movie. Even if it's a dialog scene, I lip read what people are saying."

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