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197 French Athlete quotes:

"We had to concentrate on the beginning of the season, which was tricky because you don't know if you're going to lose your skipper."
"When I was 20 or 21, I didn't... I won't say care about anything, but you're like in your own world - you made something that you always wanted to do, and then you kind of think only about your family and yourself."
"When I was younger I was trying to do what I wanted to do, not what the game wanted me to do."
"You learn from your mistakes."
"As long as I breathe, I attack."
"Everyday there's something that reminds me why I love this sport."
"He has a head, two arms, two legs, just as I."
"I am working as public relations director for the Tour de France and maintaining my farm."
"I believe there are two periods in life, one for the bike, the other for becoming active on one's work."
"I have contacts with the Tour de France which keep me close to cycling."
"I have the impression that cycling is no longer a game but rather an employment... a job."
"I may, however, begin riding again when I am 60."
"I race to win, not to please people."
"I slept like a baby the night before, because I knew that I'd win the next day."
"Also, for a team as strong as like ours, the Tour will always remain the biggest goal of the whole year, and personally I will certainly concentrate most of my energy on this race."
"Especially with the signing of riders with climbing abilities and the new arrival of Tyler Hamilton, who has the strength and ability to become a great leader for the big tours. All in all, I feel this is a very complete team."
"I never thought we'd catch him, and when I saw he was ready to drop I felt sorry for him. I wanted to show it's not true I'm trying to win it all. My goal is the Tour of Spain."
"I'm very aware that to reach the same level and have the same amount of success will be extremely difficult."
"It's impossible to predict if I can do as well as this year or not. I feel the most important thing is to be ready - to be motivated."
"It's true that this year, following my accident in the pre-season, I kind of lost morale and I felt like quitting at the end of this year. But today I can say that I want to be a professional bike rider in the year 2003 as well."

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