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197 French Athlete quotes:

"Of course, if this season turns out to be terrible for me - if I get injured again and this prevents me from reaching a satisfying level, then I could change my decision again. But at this moment, it absolutely feels like the right thing for me to continue through 2003."
"We certainly will prepare consciously and professionally, but still you cannot predict the future."
"I definitely wanted this win today and I don't want anybody to talk about my nerves anymore."
"I think I have handled things pretty well last year and this. What I have to do now is try do it even better."
"I think you always have, you know, new players. Every year you see new faces, juniors coming into the seniors. I was one of them at the time long time ago now."
"It took me time to adjust and to realise it was not going to happen like it did in the juniors."
"Right now I have more confidence in myself. I grew up."
"The thing is the game is getting tougher and tougher and we have to ask a lot of our bodies."
"This trophy is so special in the world of tennis and it feels great."
"Unlike in my young days I'm not able to eat, drink and sleep tennis."
"Well, I guess I needed this tough first round to really put me into that tournament, to really erase what happened at Indian Wells, which is now the case, you know."
"When I finished the juniors I felt, perhaps for about a year and a half, that everything was going to be the same and that I would be able to go out there and win any match. But it wasn't the case. I struggled."
"When you start off a new tournament, you want to do well."
"Whether it's in the right way or sometimes the wrong way, you learn about life and its lessons."
"Yeah, you can still learn a couple things here and there. You can still see a few things that you haven't really focused on in the past."
"Yes, I have had difficult times on court and at certain tournaments but you need to forget about it and go forward because that's the way it works in our world."
"You have to adjust to where you are but the French are all together - the guys and the women. It's good."
"Arthur Ashe had been the first black athlete to play Johannesburg at the time of apartheid."
"At one time, I was persuaded to want to make music, and people answered me that that was not possible."
"Cracked was a very short warrior, whereas Marley was a pacifist warrior."

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