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American Critic Quotes

675 American Critic quotes:

"Part of life is to live it, and enjoy it, and seize the moments that you find particularly pleasing."
"The primary requisite for writing well about food is a good appetite."
"These are the people who do studies that your carry-out Chinese meals are saturated in fat. I'd just like to meet them! I mean, what do they do for pleasure?"
"When I put my nose in a glass, it's like tunnel vision. I move into another world, where everything around me is just gone, and every bit of mental energy is focused on that wine."
"The notion of making money by popular work, and then retiring to do good work, is the most familiar of all the devil's traps for artists."
"Even though we're a week and a half away from Thanksgiving, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."
"I've been playing Texas Hold 'em and other forms of poker since I was about 12."
"If you're starting to think of that one guy at the table as your archrival because he's beaten you three times in the last hour, remember: you're not Spider-Man, and he's not the Green Goblin."
"In the last few years there's been an explosion of bands that flame to the sky with one huge release - only to burn out just as quickly."
"Listening to Harry when he was at his best was like watching the game with your funny uncle, the one who used to play Double-A ball."
"Living in the past is a Jethro Tull album, not a smart poker strategy."
"My new favorite talk show host in the world is Tyra Banks, who seems willing to do just about anything to herself in the name of attracting viewers."
"On first blush, Hold 'em seems like a ridiculously simple game."
"Sometimes a 3-1 favorite loses. That's why they call it gambling, and that's why they keep flipping over the cards."
"That's why I've always been appreciative of truly creative radio commercials."
"The truth is that our way of celebrating the Christmas season does spring from myriad cultures and sources, from St. Nicholas to Coca-Cola advertising campaigns."
"Wal-Mart doesn't really care about your faith. Wal-Mart cares if you have money to spend, and it is going to be as generic as possible in exploiting the holiday season for every buck it can make."
"Well, I think one of the reasons Chicago became so popular as a filmmaker location is because New York had been used so many times that Chicago, I think, was rediscovered maybe in the late '60s, early '70s for a long time as a new location."
"When we root-root-root for the home team, we're rooting for our home as much as the team."
"You can't take up golf on a whim and find yourself competing against Tiger Woods in the Masters six months later."

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