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Fun Quotes

750 Fun quotes:

"When we were making our run it was fun. Everybody's game changed. Everybody was playing together. If this team can get that it would be awesome."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Whatever we're going to do, we're going to make it fun."
Author: Friedman Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"People think I'm making fun of the sport."
Author: Ghedina Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"The music of the '70s and '80s is fun music and we wanted to have a party."
Author: Balich Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"A lot of people ask, why did you pick my name? It's a lot of fun. They're always in a good mood when they stop. Obviously, they should be."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"When I played ball, I didn't play for fun. . . . It's no pink tea, and mollycoddles had better stay out. It's a contest and everything that implies, a struggle for supremacy, a survival of the fittest."
Author: Cobb Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Our team has grown close. We're having fun together, having fun with the game, and that's a key."
Author: Strickland Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"It's a lot more fun to play the game this year than it has been the last four years."
Author: Lemieux Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Honestly, this is a dream come true. When I first started playing, it was just for fun. I never thought it would amount to this. I have been really lucky."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Relaxing, going on vacation, sleeping, having fun when I want, golfing when I want, do whatever I want - I am going to enjoy it,"
Author: Donovan Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Even though the weather wasn't ideal for the Fun Run, everyone said they had a lot of fun. We had warm weather last year, too. Hopefully, the third time will be the 'charm' and we'll have great trail conditions in 2007."
Author: Becker Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"We're going to have a lot of fun. (The win) changes the atmosphere around the team, and that's what we need."
Author: Talbot Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"It was a lot of fun because we never had anyone on the show with such a lie to tell and tell it so well."
Author: Probst Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Lets go now, this is our time. We are going to have fun now."
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I wouldn't want to say never on anything like that, because it's fun to turn people's heads around with something like that. But we only have about 25 minutes of solid music of our own -- we could pull together a couple of covers or something like that and make a set for someone. If it presents itself, we'd look at it for sure."
Author: Newsted Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"You see guys smiling and having fun on this team. Guys are encouraging each other. I feel we're coming in here to get a big upset and tear this place up."
Author: Modica Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"It felt good. When you're moving around like that, it's not easy, but it's a lot of fun because you try to be the best you can at each one."
Author: Paul Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"If you are at all romantic about racing, it is so much fun to drive these cars and to really appreciate what they were like in a great era of Formula One,"
Author: Rahal Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"In that situation, you just want to get that run in. It was fun. No nerves, just good butterflies. Make sure you still have a pulse."
Author: Stern Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I'm very 'spur of the moment'. I'm always trying to think of fun things to do to create a memory."

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