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"It will be an exciting night; I think it will be a fun night for the entire valley. This place will be rockin' pretty good."
Author: Svendsen Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"It was fun to see all those guys in the stands rooting me on. It's fun to come back home to Ohio."
Author: Rolfe Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I thought I put entirely too much pressure on myself. We were winning, and I wasn't having fun. I don't want to act like I was depressed or miserable. But instead of worrying about what wasn't fixed, I needed to start enjoying what we'd accomplished."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I don't think about the playoff loss anymore. I think about the team we had, the fun we had together the whole season. We had a great time."
Author: Tomlinson Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Joyce's classes are always very educational and a lot of fun. The Valentine's sweatshirts will make for a unique gift on this very special holiday or you can wear them yourself."
Author: Lozosky Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I don't know that you enjoy looking at any of this mess. It's fun to look at if you're not involved in it. We just have to find a way to rush the passer, to cover some folks and then find some way to pressure it."
Author: Kines Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Richmond is a great track, and it will be a fun race to watch this week. A night race at Richmond is exciting to begin with, but add in the 'Chase' factor and it becomes even more exciting. Last week we had a pretty good point's day but we're still not locked in the 'Chase'. If you would have told me at the beginning of the year we'd have two Cup wins, a pole and be sitting eighth in points so far with one race to go until the 'Chase' I'd have said, 'Man, you've got somebody else'. I just didn't expect our year to go this well. Our primary goal this week is to make the 'Chase'. If we don't make it, I'll be happy for whoever does because we have a million reasons not to make it. But we really want to make it and I think we can."
Author: Edwards Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"He's fun to watch and listen to and I am thrilled about finally getting the opportunity to meet him personally."
Author: Malone Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"It's not as fun as being in the pennant race. But if you can help keep somebody at home, that's fun."
Author: Jr. Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"It wasn't that much fun when I wasn't playing. It's a much better feeling here in the last two games."
Author: Havlat Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"We're playing terrible. It's disheartening. You're close to being in a race and playing terrible. It's not very fun."
Author: Conine Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"People say, 'Oh pressure out there,' but after the second end, I feel that this is fun. I see why these guys fight so hard to get back here now."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"He's a talented player, a fun player to watch. You don't want to miss any of his at-bats."
Author: Byrd Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"It's fun, man. I think it's better before the games than after the games. The guys are relaxed, they're having a good time. It's just like it was in spring training, in March, April, May. We're the same team we were then. We're playing better now than we did then."
Author: Millwood Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I don't know what it's going to be like on New Year's. People are always looking for something fun and different to do."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Our main thing is to slow them down. It's fun for us to run, but we don't like to see them run."
Author: Chaney Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"We really don't care what other teams think. We go out and have fun and we play. ... We support each other. We're all there. We play within the rules. If you can't respect a team that does that, well, that is on you. We don't care about that around here."
Author: Stroud Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I saw it many years ago back home. I tried it a couple of times in practice just for fun. And I saw that Olie was basically unbelievable. Everybody tried everything - shots, moves - and basically nothing worked. So I said maybe that's going to surprise him a little bit. And it did."
Author: Malik Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"It was kind of fun. We had a lot of scoring chances. It was fun."
Author: Havlat Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"We had about five guys on the floor. ... We like to have fun."
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Fun Quotes

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