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Fun Quotes

750 Fun quotes:

"It's always great to get out there. It's the best surface and a great atmosphere. It's going to be fun."
Author: Satin Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Are we having fun yet?"
"Any time you're winning, it's great coming to the rink. It's been a fun situation to be around such a good group of guys. It's just a good atmosphere, and when that happens, usually the team does well, too."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"There's time where you have to have fun, ... The grind of the camp becomes too much for the psyche of a college player. You have to always, constantly try to be on the same page with your players. You can't let them get too far away where you can't tell what they're thinking or what they're feeling. At the same time, it's not a sit-around-the-camp-fire session every day where we are discussing our feelings."
Author: Applewhite Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"If you want to work at someplace fun that will invest in training you for future greatness, apply at Bloom."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Dean Smith and all the great players that he had, there's just so much history and it'll be fun to play there."
Author: Walters Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I had one inexcusable inning, ... It's not fun being down 5-0."
Author: Clement Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"You remember the days in the backyard when it's cold and you just had some fun."
Author: Pavelski Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"This is a fun event."
Author: Hicks Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I find fun in putting myself into someone else's frame of mind, ... I try to be creative but I'm also thinking that it's their vision, I'm able to put myself in their space as opposed to just being me and doing whatever it is that I want."
Author: Katz Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"This is when it starts to get fun. You can stay local, stay a small boutique and do very interesting business, but not if you want to be involved in global deals."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I have a .300 average. It's fun right now. We're playing good, our team is good, everybody's happy right now. It's just a good feeling all the way around right now."
Author: Bonds Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"In terms of having to play Bob personally, it's not fun. I have to play the girls I joke and laugh with and spend time with in the summer. It's not fun."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Rabbits have been going on forever. That's the game. It certainly spices things up and makes it fun."
Author: Zito Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"We don't care who we wrestle. This is a together squad and I told them to relax and have fun. They've worked hard to put themselves in this position."
Author: Mears Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I have so much fun on stage that I should have to pay to get in."
"They're always so much fun. And this is a great one because all the music is live."
Author: Holly Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I told our guys that they'll remember this game because of all the fun they had supporting and cheering for their teammates."
Author: Boogaart Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I have fun when I go road racing. I like them. I wouldn't want to run a road course every weekend, but I wouldn't mind seeing one or two more on the schedule. I like them because it sort of breaks up the regular routine, and we've had good luck on them over the years."
Author: Rudd Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"We had some fun with the Bristol name, but there were the barnstorming teams that created the first exposure the major league players had to the Negro League players."
Author: Melvin Quotes Category: Fun Quotes

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