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"There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games."
Author: Hemingway Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games."
"Whatever games are played with us, we must play no games with ourselves, but deal in our privacy with the last honesty and truth"
Author: Emerson Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"Early, middle, late - it doesn't matter. Any time you play within your division, they're going to be pretty good games and games that you have to play well in to win."
"Some of our defencemen here in the first couple of games have been just outstanding,"
"Those games went so fast because we didn't play full matches, and we couldn't get settled in but we're happy with how we came came out. It's a good confidence builder for us; we just need to come in on Saturday morning and take care of business so we can advance to the championship bracket."
"It's one of the strangest games I've ever been in. We came out and played great for most of the game. But we have to keep our heads in it."
"I've been in games where I had seven, eight runs to work with and blew that. This is a team effort."
"If you pitch six or seven innings and give up two runs, you should win those games."
Author: Tomko Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"We've lost three games this season, but it feels like we've lost 15. I'm sick and tired of losing, sick and tired of feeling this way, sick and tired of not playing up to our potential and my potential."
Author: Zolman Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"After three League games, we have the same number of points as last year even if we have played two away games this time round, ... As we got back on the right track last season, including making up an eight-point gap in a few games, we just need to stay calm."
Author: Galliani Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"It's a pretty exciting time going into these games. We were strong in 2002 and we're just as strong -- or stronger -- now."
Author: Tavares Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"I went 85 games without a shutout and now I've got four in a row, ... I'm just trying to enjoy it. The attention is nice, but the fact that we're winning games is really nice, too."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"It's just bad luck. We feel like we might as well get it done now. If we wait 25 games and he's sore, he won't get a chance to play (healthy) down the line."
Author: Hitchcock Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"I've been asking for more of a killer instinct. This is the first time in 18 games it's happened to that degree against a quality opponent."
Author: Curry Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"This was one of our better (games) for 40 minutes. I thought we were really tough tonight, really smart."
Author: Johnston Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"The guy won 21 games for a reason. He was pretty good, he had a good sinker, fastball and curveball and he threw them all for strikes and I think that was the key. We got down five runs, but we didn't give up. We never give up, and that's something this team has done all year."
Author: Everett Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"I hope it holds true again. Stephen is usually up and ready to play in big games."
Author: Ernst Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"We've been in a lot of close games this year, and I think maybe that's starting to pay off."
Author: Barrett Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"We want to win the rest of our games and go into the conference tournament with a good seeding, so we are really aware of all the mistakes we've been making. We know that when we move without the ball and make the extra pass, we score. And we know when we score a lot, we're tough to beat because we're a pretty good defensive team."
Author: Letz Quotes Category: Games Quotes

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