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180 German Director quotes:

"Let's put it this way: art house theaters are vanishing. They have almost disappeared completely, and that means there's a shift in what audiences want to see. And they have to be aware of that and be realistic. It's as simple as that."
"You can be discouraged by failure, or you can learn from it. So go ahead and make mistakes, make all you can. Because, remember that's where you'll find success - on the far side of failure."
"I let the audience use their imaginations. Can I help it if they misconstrue my suggestions?"
"I sometimes make pictures which are not up to my standard, but then it can only be said of a mediocrity that all his work is up to his standard."
"What is generally referred to as American-style films are, in fact, studio productions."
"A movie like House of the Dead with around $7 million budget or Alone in the Dark with around $16 million budget are much easier to make profit than the typical $50 million major motion picture."
"Actors don't have real value."
"Agents are still asking for millions of dollars for actors that don't sell one ticket."
"Alone is a much better film than House of the Dead and better than most horror movies out today."
"Heart of America is a movie I'm very proud of. The young actors are great and the story has impact."
"Homer is the nice side of Al Bundy with the same intellect. I really like him and Al Bundy."
"House was the first film where I had no influence on the script. I had to buy the script with the game rights."
"I boxed 15 years in a club."
"I do think Hostel will be a good movie."
"I play PC and Xbox games at home, and I just got a PSP as a birthday present."
"I produce for a low price and I sell it on my own to 80 countries."
"I think Alone in the Dark was too much an action creature movie than a horror creature movie."
"I think the Matrix effect is over-used and I don't do it anymore."
"I think video games are a great kind of entertainment. They have replaced a lot of games people normally play with their friends and neighbours, like Monopoly."
"If people hate me they hate me."

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