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"You simply can't take upon yourself the complete responsibility of putting together a bulletproof design, reacting to what are usually pretty aggressive schedule demands. We use consultants on the design side. We use consultants on the program management side. ... There is tremendous value to capturing and preserving the intelligence from consultants. ... It's often difficult to enable a high degree of cooperation between outsource consultants and in-house staff, but you've got to overcome that with human management."
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"The organizational design for OSAF came about as a result of thinking about how to create an organization that could make these products and bring them into the world and help start something in which they could thrive in the long term."
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"Weaver's Cove has established that the smaller tankers will be feasible from a design and navigational standpoint."
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"That was by design to be together for the first half. We relied on Jackie to set the pace, and she did a great job of it, ... We wanted a little space from everybody else."
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"Ron Gray designed it and gathered all the information for it, ... The entire process, from design to finished product, took about two months. We selected John T. -- unbeknownst to him -- back in May. That was when we made the decision to dedicate the knife to him."
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"Simple and easy to use, WD Passport Portable USB Drives combine stylish design with one of the most rugged and reliable 2.5-inch hard drive in its class to deliver a portable USB hard drive worthy enough to be named one of the 'Top Ten Coolest Products' by USA Today. With Data Lifeguard data protection, a WD Passport Portable USB Drive is dependable enough for our customers to consider it the portable file for their digital lives."
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"This design works with that site. It assumes that development would still take place."
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"It's far and away the toughest schedule we've undertaken, ... and it's by design. We have a veteran team, and with the addition of those guys, it's really the year to go out and play that kind of schedule."
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"Edge underscores the bold, American design direction for all Ford vehicles going forward."
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"There are always design increase proficiency of the phones, but we certainly are not trying to build anything into our products as a protection [against] any alleged or perceived health risk."
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"Improved packaging adds important value for our customers. The Safe-T-Can design was driven by our customers' stated priorities. Graham Packaging helped us consider many options and then designed the one that best addressed our customers' needs."
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"The building was designed originally to have a fifth floor added. We knew when it was in the architectural design phases that growth was on the pike, so we decided at that point to have them design it with a fifth floor in mind."
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"It is not a design issue,"
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"We're focused on getting good, solid design wins that put us in a good position for the future."
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"The result is disappointing for two reasons. One is that the Focus is a brand-new design, so Ford had every opportunity to design the bumpers to do a better job of reducing damage. The other reason is that the predecessor model, the Escort, had an illustrious early history of bumper performance."
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"You know, they had supply problems and union disputes and a few design problem to work out. So it took longer than you would think, even for The Empire."
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"Our knowledge of system design is what allows us to build this goal-seeking engine."
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"No, I don't need to see the design first. The objective is to get people out of tents in as short a time as is humanly possible."
"I'll probably try to do a horse design. Something simple."
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"studying that design flaw."
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