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"We hope people take their time to walk and enjoy the campus."
Author: Hanson Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I hope the kids are learning that they know they can play with teams if they do the right things. That means not having mental lapses. It's a mental thing - knowing where to go and what to do at all times."
Author: Bryant Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I hope it's nothing too serious. At best, it's a high ankle sprain, but she was having trouble walking on it."
Author: Tank Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"You don't want to tell them no, they're not in here. You don't want to deplete their hope like that."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I hope to reinforce the recognition of the need for reform, ... There's a lot of nominal support for administrative reform, but whether they will actually carry out an effective reform is still very much in the balance."
Author: Volcker Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"J.R. is a valuable member of this team and someone that we have hopes for. Our hope is that he continues to develop, continues to improve and is approaching this final stretch of the season with the objectives of making a difference and with the objectives of being a part of this team and helping it get better."
Author: Bower Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"So one would hope that China's investment would be broader and that it would contribute not only to China's development and growth ... but it would also contribute to Africa's growth and development."
Author: Frazer Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I would hope very much that we would not go to privatization,"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I hope Andy Darkins can come back and play from that. Right now we can't count on that. I'm hoping it's a worst-case scenario bringing up he can't play."
Author: Riley Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We just call it the story of hope."
Author: Rance Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I still love Rachel very, very much indeed and I hope and pray that she will eventually come back. There has been no bitter bust-up and no one else is involved. It is not about something I've done and it's not about something she has done."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I would hope that Sullivan would require the investigation be a fully public event."
Author: Lawlor Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"If you have a problem, I hope you have a little more privacy than I had."
Author: McCain Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"This is a test for me. I think it is. I hope it is."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I hope the end result is the B Hill is restored and the Bisbee High School Lettermen Club can take over the maintenance."
Author: Porter Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We find there are a lot of people who need to be saving more than they are, if they hope to be able to afford a comfortable retirement."
Author: VanDerhei Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We hope to sell a lot of them, and we will be selling them up until the 24th, ... Along with that, we're putting on a lamb and goat show out at Gibbs Ranch and that's where we're going to have our drawing."
Author: Matthews Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We added free lunch last year. We hope to expand that next summer by promoting it more. It doesn't have to be summer school kids (who attend)."
Author: Rayner Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"unfortunate, it was disappointing. It was uncalled for. I hope he thinks better of it and retracts his statement."
Author: Santorum Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I hope not. I think overall he's done a good job, and I hope he can overcome any immediate problems that are out there."
Author: Crosby Quotes Category: Hope Quotes

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