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99 Hunger quotes:

"We want to try to achieve something this year and I think it showed. There was a hunger in all the team."
Author: Ford Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"It was more a feeling of hunger than anything else."
Author: Quinn Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"I can see in the players that they have come back and got a little hunger for the ball because they have not seen it."
Author: Coleman Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"Meeting the True Guru, hunger departs, hunger does not depart by wearing the robes of a beggar."
Author: Singh Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"Hunger is the best sauce."
"We need a variety of approaches to address hunger. The Ethiopian drought insurance project is an innovative way of approaching risk management in a very challenging setting."
Author: Morris Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"There was a lot of hunger on our bench, ... Everybody was pulling for everybody, their volume was up. I think it was because [Tuesday] night wasn't a good feeling."
Author: Torre Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"There was a lot of hunger on that bench tonight. Everybody was pulling for everybody. The volume was up a little bit tonight. A lot of it was because [Tuesday night] wasn't a good feeling to go home from, especially scoring nine runs and coming away empty."
Author: Torre Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"There is a hunger level on the team and we want to see what we can do. This is not a perfect roster or win-at-all costs situation. We have the opportunity for the next few years to continue to put out a competitive club."
Author: Daniels Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"I guess we have always been capable of that because we have a lot of talented players. But we have never been that good together on the same night. I told them that the hungriest team would win this game and they showed me the hunger and desire that I was looking for."
"I hope they can take this success and enjoy it for awhile but then come back with that same hunger that this team had this year."
Author: Pegram Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"Hunger is a problem for the urban poor and the rural poor. Nobody should go to bed hungry."
Author: Englin Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"We're replacing the bulk of the team. They're young but they bring hunger and hustle."
Author: Poole Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"I'm getting a little of the hunger to play ball back,"
Author: Boone Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"But I've heard so many great bands from America over the years that I know there's an audience for something else, and that's what we feel at the shows a hunger for that."
"If it were to become rooted in the African countryside, the consequences for a continent already devastated by hunger and poverty could be truly catastrophic."
"I think being out of the game for so long, his hunger's there."
Author: Haddin Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"Hungry children are distracted children. We want to make sure nothing gets in the way of our children performing well academically, including hunger."
Author: Duncan Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"The rich swell up with pride, the poor from hunger."

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