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Ideas Quotes

482 Ideas quotes:

"I think the secretary has made quite clear over the past few days that the ideas and parameters that were discussed in the last few months were President Clinton's parameters, ... And therefore, when he left office, they were no longer a U.S. proposal or a presidential proposal."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"I'm like Sergeant Schultz, I know nothing. We are trying to share ideas around the world. We don't just come up with a great idea in Brazil and ignore it in the rest of the world."
"I got some good ideas for some foam insulation for my attic. And of course, I'm always looking for a nice hot tub or maybe a gazebo or something for the back yard."
Author: Burton Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"confident that we're going to get full consideration of these ideas coming out of the Louisiana delegation."
Author: Vitter Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"We were proposing, in a sense, that the rest of the world be made safe for American ideas, as they adopted intellectual property rights that gave patent protection to our very innovative economy."
Author: Sachs Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes American Economist Quotes
"It also is true that some ideas naturally work themselves out over a longer period of time than a single human life can encompass."
"There are simply no new ideas here."
Author: Baum Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"We're suffering from a shortage of rigorous ideas about what's happening to function in the human brain in these diseases."
Author: Goldstein Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"When you bring good ideas forward in the context of a Parliament where no one party has been given the absolute authority to proceed, then you roll up your sleeves, you discuss, you negotiate."
Author: Layton Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"Ideas are one thing and what happens is another."
Author: Cage Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes American Composer Quotes
"We naturally borrow ideas from different periods."
Author: Wolk Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"We need plans and ideas from outside this committee."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes Outsider Quotes
"I think I have some ideas. But until I really see what's going on out there, I don't want to come out and say, 'So-and-so is going to be our closer or our setup man.' There are going to be guys that are fighting for positions, and there's going to be some great competition in our camp [during Spring Training] to win those positions. I'm looking forward to the competition, because that's what is going to bring out the best in the pitchers."
Author: Butcher Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"One should be willing to throw away a dozen ideas to come up with a good one, just as one should throw away a dozen words to come up with the right one."
"There are more ideas on earth than intellectuals imagine. And these ideas are more active, stronger, more resistant, more passionate than ''politicians'' think. We have to be there at the birth of ideas, the bursting outward of their force: not in books expressing them, but in events manifesting this force, in struggles carried on around ideas, for or against them. Ideas do not rule the world. But it is because the world has ideas... that it is not passively ruled by those who are its leaders or those who would like to teach it, once and for all, what it must think."
Author: Foucault Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes Earth Quotes
"There's so much investment capital out there for profitable new technologies. Investors are constantly looking for good ideas to invest in. If these ideas are as good as these companies say, they should have no problem, at minimum, finding a loan."
Author: Riedl Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"Ours is a resilient party. We've got better candidates and better ideas. That's what matters most."
Author: Weaver Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"We get together and encourage each other. We compare ideas and show off our stuff."
Author: O'Hara Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"I encourage people to bring ideas to the table. I'm very much a listener and keep an open ear."
Author: Keiser Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"Each time there is a news story, sometimes that gives ideas to people who then turn into criminals,"
Author: Sarkozy Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes

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