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Illusion Quotes

88 Illusion quotes:

"You just never know what a preseason means. Is it an illusion or reality? I truly believe we're a good team and I think if we've gotten anything out of the preseason, it's the process you go about, and winning will take care of itself. Our players understand that and they're focused on doing things right."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes
"If I do, the whole thing falls apart. It fails. The illusion is in my head."
Author: Rendell Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes
"If you can talk brilliantly about a problem, it can create the consoling illusion that it has been mastered."
"Let's face it. In most of life we really are interdependent. We need each other. Staunch independence is an illusion, but heavy dependence isn't healthy, either. The only position of long-term strength is interdependence: win/win."
"The idea that the world can unite without being regulated is clearly an illusion."
"Much violence is based on the illusion that life is a property to be defended and not to be shared."
Author: Nouwen Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes
"Illusion is an anodyne, bred by the gap between wish and reality."
"The illusion that times that were are better than those that are, has probably pervaded all ages."
Author: Greeley Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes American Editor Quotes
"We can't allow to pay ... with the blood of our people and the blood of our citizens for some illusion of stability or restraint in the Middle East,"
Author: Gissin Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes
"The occupation and robbery of a nation occurs under the illusion of freeing its citizens from brutal oppression."
"A woman should be an illusion."
"I went on just living that illusion that I'd already created for everyone else. I was treating it like a dirty secret or like Arron was this mistake in my life."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes
"Modern man lives under the illusion that he knows what he wants, while he actually wants what he is supposed to want"
Author: Fromm Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes
"I went on just living that illusion that I'd already created for everyone else,"
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes
"We're now at that point where the graphics are good enough to preserve the illusion and make you feel more immersed in the environment,"
Author: Allard Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes
"It creates the illusion that the vertical planes are distant."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes
"Place it against a vertical surface to reflect furnishings on the opposite wall to give the illusion that there is space behind."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes
"Do you hear, or does some fond illusion mock me?"
Author: Horace Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes
"The title is not an illusion. Otherwise, Greece would have been an illusion too."
Author: Klinsmann Quotes Category: Illusion Quotes
"Shakespeare was such a lover of theatre, and theatre is an illusion."

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