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Income Quotes

322 Income quotes:

"Today's personal income report had very good news on inflation."
Author: Vitner Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"The goal of our program is that no student will be denied because of income. I have never seen young people gravitate to learning like they have this way. The No. 1 mantra for me is dialogue."
Author: Steinberg Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"The greater impact could be on low-income people."
Author: Neuman Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"which are the principal competitors of railroads and, in the process, we're going to grow our revenue and operating income."
Author: Snow Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"You can pick the year you want to use, as long as 2004 earned income is greater than 2005 earned income."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Such a large portion of our population is eligible for the program because of income levels throughout the district,"
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"But despite the limitations of trading income, this is still a massive start to the year. It is much better than I expected and across all business areas."
Author: Becker Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"We achieved solid results this quarter, despite more volatile market conditions and declining trading volumes, predominantly in the fixed-income markets. Furthermore, weakness in the Nasdaq, particularly technology shares, led to a decline in equity new issue activity."
Author: Cayne Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Those Wall Street gurus have bigger expense accounts than I have total income."
"If lifetime income is the primary need and potential inflation protection is secondary, there's Nationwide L-Inc. If principal protection is initially more important with the opportunity to draw lifetime income later, there's CPPLI."
Author: Phelan Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"There are obviously some issues to face. This is not finished. I will be watching the poverty income issue. I'm concerned about the retiree issue. We've just got a lot of work to do."
Author: Bell Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Fed officials ... likely anticipated some fallout in fixed income markets. We believe ... that Fed officials wanted to signal a greater probability of tightening in 2004 than had been priced into markets."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"We don't think the state ought to be paying checks to folks through the income tax system when they don't pay income taxes."
Author: Genuario Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"So there's actually big differences for low- and moderate-income families -- better under Gore. Big differences for very high-income families -- they get a lot more under Bush."
Author: Greenstein Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"More and more these days I find myself pondering how to reconcile my net income with my gross habits."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"When your outgo exceeds your income, the upshot may be your downfall."
"You really need to know what federal income tax bracket you're in to determine whether tax-free funds offer more of a benefit. As a rule of thumb, anyone who falls in the 36 or 39 percent tax bracket should consider tax-free funds."
Author: Crane Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"But if you really want to know how to live on one income, you might have to move back with your parents,"
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Everyone in Medicare, no matter what their income, can choose a plan that reflects what they want."
Author: McClellan Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"The only really new proposal in the [2003] initiative was the proposal to lower the tax on dividend income and capital gains, and it costs something like $20 billion to $25 billion a year, which is really trivial."
Author: Glassman Quotes Category: Income Quotes

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