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"We're trying to make it easier for people to organize and search information. Someone might think about a page they saw five days ago and now they want to get back to it. We want to make that easier."
"I'm rather relaxed about this information."
"We are always seeking new and better information."
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"Yahoo! Go will make consumers' personally relevant information available to them anytime across their mobile phone, TV or personal computer. By making Yahoo! Go open, we are giving consumers the ability to easily access not only the Yahoo! services they find most vital, but also the universe of information available from across the web."
"Investors will be reluctant to try (to push shares) higher as they wait for more information on the outlook for US and Japanese monetary policy."
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"There was a technical error, so the information will be provided."
"Certainly, it was apparent to me that RLX was likely to exploit the confidential and proprietary information and trade secrets of Compaq that RLX acquired by its hiring of key Compaq personnel,"
"We would always take every opportunity to promote our position on racism and that was through promotional brochures, putting information in the Football Record and talking publicly about it on TV and radio, so that no one is any doubt what our position is."
"Recovery would be very simple -- let the prime minister put the information he has in the public domain,"
"Any information that gets sent to the department seems to go into a sort of black hole,"
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"We don't have enough information to make any kind of hypothesis."
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"We need to get all this information on the table."
"I don't have any more information for you on that."
"I am waiting to hear somebody in the Prime Minister's Office put out some information that is contrary to what we're reading in the papers now,"
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"I just said I would review all of the information. I was very careful ... to say exactly what I said, and that's exactly what I mean."
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"We will fall back on the statement we issued back in December - that we would look at information as it became available and weigh it from an investment standpoint. Other than that, we have no comment."
"The market is still very cautious about the damage caused by Hurricane Rita, and they're just digesting new information filtering in about damage to oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico."
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"No dept personnel shall release any information to the Daily Press reporter Miguel Gonzales, ... Any questions he has shall be directed to my office. Any other information requested by the press shall be routed to me before it is released."
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"As with the SEC, the majority leader will provide the U.S. attorney's office with any information that it needs with respect to this matter."
"Our organization hears from thousands of teens and young adults each year who are desperate for information and resources beyond the one-sided 'born-gay' message that saturates our culture."

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