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"Advocating obnoxiously is not a crime. You will hear that Kevin was very passionate about animal rights - treating animals with kindness and respect and without unnecessary cruelty. Kevin is being persecuted for these very beliefs."
Author: Schneider Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"When it was obvious that nobody was interested in a book about the 'Nazi' way we treat animals,"
Author: Patterson Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"This may be a positive thing. These animals may have moved themselves to new winter range to avoid conflicts with the wolves."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"He was just seeing animals out there not getting care because pet owners had to make their decisions with their pocketbooks and not their hearts."
Author: Iannessa Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"Mankind is not a tribe of animals to which we owe compassion. Mankind is a club to which we owe our subscription."
Author: Chesterton Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"We treat our dogs as if they were 'almost human': that is why they really become 'almost human' in the end."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"If you treat your children at home in the same way you treat your animals in the lab, your wife will scratch your eyes out. My wife ferociously warned me against experimenting on her babies."
Author: Maslow Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"We try a special exhibit every year. We have fish here, but we have a lot of other animals, too. We talked about what would be interesting, and lizards came up."
Author: Schick Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"potentially many thousands of animals."
Author: Wilmut Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"We're social animals, we're spiritual and we like to have fun. With my (construction) teams, when we go we do all three."
Author: Souza Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"Raccoons and bats are the animals you find [rabies] in the most,"
Author: Maloney Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"Daytona and Talladega are two different animals. When it comes to speed they are basically the same. When you're working on qualifying, it doesn't matter, if you're finding speed at Talladega, you're finding speed at Daytona. When we get into drafting practice and we get into handling and stuff like that then they are two different tracks. That's where you hear a lot of guys say they bring different types of cars to Daytona then they do to Talladega because once you get 30 laps into a run, the car definitely handles differently at Talladega than what it does at Daytona."
Author: Reiser Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"People can keep these animals, they don't need to be put down."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"People should realize that no shelter wants to take someone's pet. Animals want to be with their owners."
Author: Kappler Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"Animals on factory farms and slaughter houses are mutilated, drugged and abused in ways that would be illegal if dogs or cats were treated similarly. The problem is that farm animals are exempted from the Animal Welfare Act. Therefore, companies often act with impunity."
Author: Friedrich Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"Do animals get a taste for blood? ... I don't know. It's never been tested. But if we could show that there are these persistent problems and animals that we can identify, then they need to be removed."
Author: Hunter Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"If you could somehow stimulate production of this enzyme, you might be able to render animals, and perhaps humans, resistant to high-fat diet-induced diabetes."
Author: Marth Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"The developing world wants to eat meat. And there's only one way to produce it--grow more animals."
Author: Rothschild Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"We also study animals at the extremes of performance, creatures that are exceptionally good at one particular thing."
Author: Full Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"Animals are considered personal property under the law. The mentality is that you can go get another cat or dog or horse -- that it's no big deal."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Animals Quotes

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