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"automatic scholarships to Niger Delta indigenes so as to give them higher levels of competence to enable them compete for higher level jobs in the petroleum industry."
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"I think it is just a shame that Northwest has taken advantage of this state so badly and eliminated 90 percent of our jobs, and yet the state cannot acknowledge this and help its own citizens."
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"I can play linebacker, that's all, ... We all have our own individual jobs to do and, right now, we all have to get better at doing them."
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"Jobs and employers are not increasing their salaries by 21 percent or 16 percent why don't you do us a favor why don't you forgo your salaries so you can feel the bite as much as we do."
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"We're not here to prepare students for specific jobs. No. 1, because those jobs may change too fast. Our goal is to prepare kids to be great thinkers and have a great set of core base knowledge so they can go forward."
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"We charted a new course from what we'd been following the previous 35 years. We went from (promoting) jobs, jobs, jobs, to (promoting) jobs, amenities and housing downtown a strategic remixing of those kinds of uses in the city's core."
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"A number of factors contribute to the sustained demand for rented accommodation in Yorkshire. The burgeoning student population of Englands largest county, with major universities at Sheffield, Hull, Leeds and York, among others, underpin demand for rented properties. Many students, after graduation, remain in the county and as first jobbers look for shared accommodation with their friends in the major towns. An important demographic trend that has sustained the growth of the private rented sector over the past decade or so has been the tendency for young people to leave the family home at a fairly young age to go on to further education and not return. In addition, there has been a net influx of jobs in some parts of Yorkshire which has helped create a requirement for more rented homes."
"If you can employ people in New Orleans, ... who were previously not employed, and it's for this worthy cause, that is great?. You could actually have a flood recovery economy in New Orleans for a number of years. And it could bring a better racial balance integrating white neighborhoods, thinning out the concentrated poverty in black neighborhoods, creating jobs and opportunities for people who didn't have them before."
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"The main catalyst that people are looking at is tomorrow's jobs report. While there's a mix of many things going on in the market, the key thing to an economic recovery is jobs and income. That's why tomorrow's number is critical."
"As we sell these assets, we will scale back our related corporate and shared services infrastructure to ensure that it is the right size for our businesses going forward. We expect a number of people directly involved in these operations to be employed by the new owners or offered other jobs within ConAgra Foods."
Author: Rodkin Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"We are focusing on high-wage types of jobs to create wealth in the county."
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"Jobs can wait, but the lives of these kids cannot. And because no one else was doing anything else about it."
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"A lot of the gains in March were related to seasonal issues and California grocers going back to work. The April number won't be as strong, and the Fed's going to need to see a few months of strong jobs growth before it raises rates."
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"The U.S. labor market continues to tighten and the implication is the Fed will need to raise rates. Anything above 250,000 jobs today and the dollar will continue to push higher."
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"If you don't have the fertilizer and don't have the seed, I can tell you what, none of it will happen. If we are going to compete with the Third World on low-cost labor, we're going to lose, so that's not a good strategy. ... But you do have to have jobs for people that fit that category - not everybody in the state is going to be a computer scientist."
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"Mortgage rates were largely unchanged this week, amid a sobering December jobs report and growing tensions in the (Middle East) and the Korean peninsula. Disappointing retail sales, a struggling manufacturing sector, and mild business investment are all holding mortgage rates in the six-percent range."
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"We teach them what a bank is . . . How to do your housekeeping. We teach them the bus routes and how to get around the city to get to their jobs."
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"The CPE isn't one more tool to create employment: it's a tool to destroy permanent jobs. The CPE will progressively become the only access to the labor market for young people, irrespective of their qualification, their salary or their branch of work."
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"The mayor is [taking] money from our schoolchildren to pay for jobs for his friends. With an elected school board answerable to the voters, our children will get a better education."
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"It's one of the few jobs in which you sign a contract to risk your life on your job."
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