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"After a brief reprieve, the specter of a winter jobs drought looms large and frightening."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"[It is the] jobs of groups like us to make sure that doesn't happen. Anytime there is a local screening, we get involved."
Author: McCann Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"President Bush's economic policies have failed Florida. His corporate buddies have shipped 70,000 Floridian manufacturing jobs overseas, and now it's time for Mr. Bush to get the pink slip."
Author: Meek Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The thing that drives retail sales most and best is job availability and the ease of obtaining new jobs. Both of these factors are absent at the present time. It may not be until the end of the year that we see job growth."
Author: Barnard Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Only successful businesses can secure and create jobs."
Author: Kleinfeld Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"You're not just talking about 2 teams and 50 jobs. You're talking about establishing a precedent that the owners can eliminate jobs. That would be very troubling for players,"
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"All I know is that a lot of businesses are closing. That's a lot of jobs in an area that didn't have a lot to begin with."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"These are jobs that are born out of an empty parking lot, ... So for me, that is the most compelling reason why I pushed to get this project."
Author: Perry Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"It's a tourist town and they have a lot of jobs, but it's seasonal. We got to try to go somewhere where we can actually afford to get a job and pay bills and not be struggling."
Author: Hayes Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"I can promise you that I'm not picking up the phone and calling to find other jobs. This is what I want to do. I can finish my coaching career right here and be just as happy."
Author: DuBose Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"This is smart reform that will protect and grow jobs, while significantly decreasing the likelihood airlines such as Northwest will have to transfer their pension liability to the PBGC,"
Author: Coleman Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Everyone is pulled in too many directions. Parents have multiple jobs, kids are involved in lots of activities."
Author: Walters Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Any mother could perform the jobs of several air-traffic controllers with ease."
Author: Alther Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The kids got a little tired, and they haven't been in pressure situations before. That's our jobs as coaches to get them ready to play in those pressure situations."
Author: Arntson Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"I am very disappointed, ... More jobs mean more people, and that equates to more housing and more retail sales. Stagnation in the local economy means no prosperity. I and many others, particularly Colleen Towns, worked very hard and did an excellent job representing the City of Liberal."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"We've all learned a lot about each other's jobs."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The budget is an all-around good thing. It's a reduction of 100 jobs over last year, no toll increase, and all our operation spending has been flat over the last four years."
Author: Orlando Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"No longer are they (employers) just looking for distribution jobs but high-end jobs like these. This is so important to Northeastern Pennsylvania."
Author: Kanjorski Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"We believe this is going to be hundreds of jobs, if not thousands."
Author: Coleman Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"So you're looking at 2,500 jobs."
Author: Hargrove Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes

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