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"So you're looking at 2,500 jobs."
Author: Hargrove Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"I still expect construction to be adding jobs but at a more modest pace."
Author: Simonson Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Security is an inherent, inextricable and indispensable component of all our jobs,"
Author: Albright Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The market will be looking for a flat unemployment number and a small tick up in jobs, and if the market doesn't get that, it's gonna feel it."
Author: Canelo Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"We simply have to become more competitive as a state if we're going to be successful in creating jobs, bringing capital investment and raising income levels here in South Carolina."
Author: Sanford Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"I don't quite understand how someone would want to close down an airport for purposes of saving jobs,"
Author: Hensarling Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"There was a huge expansion in the jobs that the undocumented did."
Author: Passel Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Mexico is in reverse. All things that should be up — jobs, salaries, competitiveness — are down. And all that should be down — insecurity, taxes, gas prices — has gone up."
Author: Madrazo Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Delphi 's misuse of the bankruptcy procedure to circumvent the collective bargaining process and slash jobs and wages and drastically reduce healthcare, retirement, and other hard-won benefits or eliminate them altogether is a travesty and a concern for every American."
Author: Gettelfinger Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"I care too much about the people whose lives and jobs are on the line not to come back and give it all that I have. We're asking taxpayers to sacrifice so much, the least I can do is help explain my position and the position of the board."
Author: Hardy Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"When Steve Jobs says, 'One More Thing,' a catchphrase almost as familiar as the turtleneck and jeans, that's usually when the other shoe drops, when the bombshell hits. People are parsing the invitation the same way they're searching 'Lost' for new meanings and nuance."
Author: Gartenberg Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"You have to stay disciplined. Everyone must keep their responsibilities and do their jobs. There can't be a hero."
Author: Naziruddin Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"If you can lay off all those people at GM and still have 66,000 new jobs created last month, that's really pretty strong."
Author: Allyn Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"After the United States created more than 2 million jobs in 2005, economists are predicting 2 million more will be added in 2006. Faced with increased competition for talent with specialized skills, companies are planning to shorten the hiring cycle, offer better compensation packages and implement more flexible work arrangements in the coming year."
Author: Ferguson Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"In the first building alone, the research park could potentially create as many as 370 jobs."
Author: Goldstein Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The reason they have these jobs is because other people don't want to do the jobs they do."
Author: Flores Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The one thing that gives (the union) that power is that outsourcing jobs takes a lot of time, but if you make life very difficult for the manufacturer these jobs are leaving,"
Author: Aboulafia Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"This is probably one of the most important jobs reports that we have had in a couple of years."
Author: Hatzius Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"I asked if she would be interested in interviewing for one of our jobs. She said she was under contract. I told her that normally, in the past, administrators would be released from their contracts if they had a good opportunity."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"They (the Fed governors) are going to follow the jobs report. They're not going to be proactive. They're going to be reactive to the data."
Author: Silvia Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes

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