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Kids Quotes

661 Kids quotes:

"I had told the kids that I honestly didn't think we would be in the playoffs unless we won the tournament. And we played like we wanted it tonight."
Author: Browning Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"Even when I don't have travel plans, I pack my wife and kids in the car and we head over to Westchester County Airport, ... It's a family place."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I'm signing up kids right now. Some of these kids think they can play without coming to practice. I'm not going to take the liability."
"We need to see in writing that if Devereux closes, where the kids will go."
"I've been doing this for a long time. I just wanted this for the kids. They've battled all year and I'm so proud of them."
"Matching that level of success is going to be very difficult, but the kids are working hard and hopefully, that pays off."
Author: Adkins Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"The impact is that they are just kids in our district like any other students."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"We feel very fortunate to pick up any win. Hopefully the kids will keep on hustling the rest of the way."
Author: Fritchman Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"The only consistent quote was that it brought peace to the house. Parents argue with their kids about media all the time, almost daily. After using Bob for one or two days, the kids accept that 'this is Mum and Dad's rule, and we can't do anything about it'. It becomes a non-issue."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"My daughter watches the news, ... I think kids today are pretty well-informed about what's going on in the world. Hopefully, they'll be a generation that's going to be more understanding, open and willing to cooperate to solve the problems we have."
Author: Parsons Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"It looks like kids will have to have their egg hunts indoors on Sunday."
Author: Bingaman Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"It?s a place for kids to go. It?s about the kids."
Author: Myers Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"We're still trying to figure out who will play back there. The rest of the kids on the sub list all could end up in that spot."
Author: Thomason Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"We'd like our kids to have a nice modern facility they could call their own."
Author: Templeton Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"We took 52 kids to the meet. I saw some good things that we can definitely build off of. We treated this meet kind of like a workout meet. The team ran a lot of different individual events."
Author: Nida Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"We've been expecting some of these kids to hit the long ball every once in a while."
Author: Berryman Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I am extremely proud of these kids. I asked them to work hard, believe and not give me any more gray hair. Two out of three ain't bad."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I don’t know how independent truckers do it, ... I’ve got a wife and three kids to support. It’s just not an option for me with prices like this."
Author: Ward Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I'd like to win 1,000. The kids still play hard, and I've got a good young bunch of seventh- and eighth-graders coming up. I'll probably stay in it a few more years."
Author: Berryman Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I thought our kids really competed and played hard today. Evan did a great job in the start, and Luke did a tremendous job of keeping us in the game."
Author: Slater Quotes Category: Kids Quotes

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