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"They don't know what it was like for us when we were kids. We try to instill in the kids to keep it clean to prevent accidents. All it takes is a little gummy bear and you're really hurting."
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"We've got a good group of kids, and a lot of seniors coming back. I'll take some of the things I learned from, but there will be a few different changes."
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"That in itself makes it special, and I told our kids I was proud of them. We were playing in extremely adverse conditions. This week, we lost two of our top linemen to injuries."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"It feels real good to see the kids do what they've done this season. They went undefeated (11-0 in the regular season), accomplishing a lot of the goals we set out to. It's especially gratifying to see them come out on a day that is adverse and play almost to their abilities on a good weather day."
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"When my sister has the two kids (and) the two of them look like they're going to have the same problem in life, it just is like, 'Yeah, this can end now. But there are so many worse things that could happen."
Author: Eckstein Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"The kids wait for it to be organized. They want to go play all of these tournaments, for a little practice time. I learned my skills by dropping the puck just with the kids. I think that's missing today."
Author: Orr Quotes Category: Kids Quotes Canadian Athlete Quotes
"Our kids have done a good job of staying focused all year. We're going to preach this week that we need to take care of business first this weekend before we look ahead."
Author: Hanson Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I don't travel by airplane. I mean that because when my wife, my kids and I travel on trains or boats, we meet a lot of people and we talk to them."
"These kids are paying for gas and being more conscious of it."
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"Our best estimate on this building is it's going to last at least 10 more years. To move these kids into L.L. Wright is going to cost substantially more than what we're doing right now."
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"These people are bigger than big. They've got two kids that are over 300 (Jesse Thomas and 6-foot-4, 315-pound Mitchell Williams) that are on the right side of their line. The guard on the other side (Jonathan Rivera) is 260."
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"He's a special player. You might see a lot of kids who can hit and may be a little weak on defense, or vice versa. Jason's got a little bit of it all, and he excels in all of it. I don't know that he has a true weakness. It's truly something special to be around a kid like that."
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"These kids have done all that we've asked them to do. Every year we turn over students and so they need to learn things quickly to compete in these events. This is really a group of fast learners."
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"It's really amazing to see the types of questions that these young kids come up with."
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"I will not stand on the sidelines and watch those kids touch the ball twice a game."
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"If he hits those kinds of shots, it's hard to get on your kids. There's the thing of not wanting to foul him and make him a 3-point or 4-point threat."
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"The kids did a great job at halftime. They didn't panic. They listened to the coaches who did a great job making the adjustments. We're going to learn from this one. We're going to learn from the one next week and hopefully get a victory."
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"These kids are going to be successful. Win or lose, life's going to keep kicking you down and you've got to keep getting up. They battled the whole game. The kids were ready to play. I've got no complaints about them whatsoever."
Author: Southall Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"The kids fought real hard, but we struggled to get the ball in the basket."
Author: Wichers Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"Kids can be kind of wild."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Kids Quotes

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