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"One thing the kids have done for all eight of my years here is defend. That's how we do things. The kids know when they come up from junior high they're going to play defense."
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"(The faculty said) we should be doing something, because we like to teach that to the kids,"
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"We were finding a lot of kids coming in like eight, nine, ten, and eleven years old. We were a baby sitter essentially for these kids,"
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"None of these kids have ever seen snow or been on a frozen pond, so everything is a first for them. They're like kids in a candy store."
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"I go into schools and show kids that there is music other than rap,"
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"The cool thing about that is that kids are role-playing what they see around them, and they see their siblings using digital cameras and using digital phones. They see their parents using those, and so that's what they want to role-play with."
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"Working with all of these kids is great. It doesn't get any better than this, to come down and inspire kids who want to play the game of basketball and put smiles on their faces."
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"The last several weeks, Todd has been dominating on both ends of the floor, defensively, offensively and rebounding. The kids are looking for him (for shots) and he's really picked up his energy."
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"I think we had an excellent game plan and our kids executed it well. I thought we were very unpredictable."
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"We maybe looked a little tired tonight, but I thought our kids never panicked, and got a hard-earned win in overtime. It is so important, particularly at this point of the season, to get points on the road. We got one win, and now its time to start focusing on getting another one tomorrow."
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"It's great to see. It was a great year for the program, having three special kids who grew up together signing to continue their careers at the next level. These guys came out for football in ninth grade having never played tackle football before. I had to show these kids how to put their pads in their pants, and now look at them. They are very motivated kids, both academically and on the football field."
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"I am a little surprised. You have a lot of military kids coming in and out. It would be nice to see someone challenge it and have the same opportunities I had."
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"The kids came out to play today. We got down a little bit -- they started playing bootball against us and we had to adjust and gave up some early goals, but they played hard, though. They started working the ball around and played as a team, they hustled and kept working at it. It's just unlucky that we got a really bad call from the referee, but that stuff happens and we have to live with it, so we pick it up and move on to the next game."
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"I don't even know who we play next week. I don't want our kids to know who we play when. We play Chamblee this week, and that's where our focus needs to be in order for us to be successful."
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"Our kids did a tremendous job in coming through down the stretch. Both teams could have won the game. It was an excellent high school basketball game."
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"We wanted to go 3-2 and I thought our kids played hard today. Salem is a good team, and this is a good tournament this year from top to bottom."
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"I'm concerned about the mindset of our kids."
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"Both Nick and Andrew had great performances all three days. It's a credit to both of those kids to make the finals. It shows you what hard work will get you in this sport. I'm extremely pleased with both of them."
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"Kids hanging out outside waiting for the buss, showing off, can start rapping to this stuff. It's a creative tool."
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"It wasn't our best performance. We lost the other two (championship) matches to kids we had beaten before, and that's not something you like to see at this time of the year. Hopefully we can rebound from that."
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