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"If an activity moves abroad and becomes an import, all that labor is lost, ... It really doesn't matter very much who owns the plant that makes the imports."
Author: Morici Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"The labor market will soften this year and that will take pressure off the central bank. Increasingly people expect the bank to remain on hold as domestic demand and employment growth slow."
Author: Carr Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"One monk shoulders water by himself; two can still share the labor among them"
Author: Proverbs Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"While we are not pleased with the short term impact the labor issues have had on our bottom line, our actions are aimed at enhanced global competitiveness of our North American operations,"
Author: Belda Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"But ... the trend in unit labor costs is still declining and I would argue that the market and the Fed will say that this is a one-time surge."
Author: Leahey Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Labor was the first price, the original purchase-money that was paid for all things."
"One monk shoulders water by himself; two can still share the labor among them. When it comes to three, they have to go thirsty."
"Temperance and labor are the two real physicians of man."
"Three remedies of the physicians of Myddfal: water, honey, and labor"
Author: Proverb Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"built into the labor market."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Even though it?s a flawed system, the fact we have labor peace has created this incredible era of prosperity for everybody involved. If we pull the genie out of that bottle (by abolishing the cap), I don?t know that it ever comes back."
Author: Steinberg Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"If there is no union, the labor laws would not apply, so you wouldn't have a lockout."
Author: Berthelsen Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"They grew up and saw the toughness of farming, their parents working year-round, and they saw that hard labor don't necessarily pay off."
Author: Cunha Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"If little labor, little are our gains; man's fortunes are according to his pains"
Author: Herrick Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"We're confident we can preserve the ones we can spray, but it's labor intensive."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"It turns out that the labor market is far more flexible than anyone assumed,"
Author: Reich Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"This is becoming the pre-eminent issue of labor negotiations. Sikorsky is certainly making good money, and if they want good workers they will have to pay good benefits."
Author: Duffy Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Treasuries are going to seek higher yields over the next weeks. The labor market looks quite healthy."
Author: LaVorgna Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"I think the number one factor impacting these programs is the tight labor market, which is making it really hard for employers to let their workers go for eight to 12 weeks at time."
Author: Accipiter Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"If I didn't draw comics I was a worthless human being. It was tedious labor, so I worked fast to get it over with."
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