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"The third-quarter Employment Cost Index is ... reassuring in the sense that labor costs as measured on this index remain very contained, in contrast to some other labor cost indexes."
Author: Ellis Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"We've been consistently surprised by the strength of the labor market. We still think over the next year it will moderate amid slowing housing and consumer spending."
Author: Carr Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"The fact of the matter is, we do not have an unlimited amount of labor, ... the wealth effect cannot persist indefinitely."
Author: Greenspan Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"It's good that he gets the fruits of his labor. Nobody works harder than he does."
Author: Melvin Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"The labor market is tough."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"While our cost performance remains in line with the projections we announced in April; our significantly higher fuel and labor costs this year, combined with the worsening revenue environment, lead us to expect an even greater year-over-year earnings decline for the second quarter, which was a strong period for us financially last year,"
Author: Goodwin Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"It shows the labor market is continuing to stabilize."
Author: Bryson Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"unless the labor movement grows to increase workers' standard of living, that has got to be our fundamental purpose. We have to put the resources where the words are."
Author: Raynor Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"With little evidence that tightness in the U.S. labor market is slackening, and oil prices a wild card for inflation as winter approaches, the FOMC had few options but to remain vigilant about inflation,"
Author: Gilmore Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"The labor market indicators reflect a loss of economic momentum, even eliminating the impact of the storms and flooding."
Author: Goldstein Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"My background is one of a guy who actively worked on the side of labor when I could have gone to the other side. They're not going to have to educate me or inform me - I understand their concerns."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Producing crops, especially in the fruit industry, is very dependent on migrant labor and we need to have a legalized work force to help bring in the crop."
Author: Gregg Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Northwest's hopes of negotiating concessionary labor contracts with its unions were overtaken by the surge in fuel prices, which deepened the airline's losses and cash outflow."
Author: Baggaley Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"A further deterioration in the labor market is inevitable."
Author: Steinberg Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Modern society, based as it is on the division of labor, can be preserved only under conditions of lasting peace."
Author: Mises Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"It was a short-term labor disruption. In the long run it's unlikely to be a big problem."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Northwest is running out of time. New labor agreements will be in place this fall _ either voluntarily or through the bankruptcy court. We think we can fare better through voluntary negotiations than by having an agreement mandated by a bankruptcy judge."
Author: McClain Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"The survey results combined with the drop in the unemployment rate indicate that the traditional labor supply is essentially exhausted."
Author: Joerres Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"I expect it to be a niche. It's very labor intensive."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Labor is always a big issues and the pilots union is one of the toughest unions to integrate. There's a lot of moving pieces and a lot of questions in this deal."
Author: Milmore Quotes Category: Labor Quotes

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