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"It is pleasurable, when winds disturb the waves of a great sea, to gaze out from land upon the great trials of another"
Author: Lucretius Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"We always needed a place to land the piano."
Author: Forres Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"Just the fact that you're on land, and you know there's somebody out there and you can't do anything."
Author: Reinig Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"We want to offer as little incentives possible and still land the deal."
Author: Maurer Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"It was heading out of the area and was directed by our air tower to land. The area around the space center is restricted."
Author: Rein Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"This land is going to be held for the city at a price that is well under market level."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"This is the fastest growing county in the state. But 80 percent of the land is undeveloped. We saw a farmhouse in the middle of the suburb area, and the kids really enjoyed seeing a stoplight in the middle of nowhere."
Author: Delligatti Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"We probably don't need to acquire as much additional land as we're disposing of and we have a lot of other needs in terms of managing the lands we do have. It's nice to be able to find a revenue stream that will help meet some of the other discretionary programs."
Author: Ferguson Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"This is incredibly fertile land. With proper irrigation, you could grow anything here. You need both development aid and emergency aid, but right now you're getting little of either."
Author: Huggins Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"There is definitely a sense of Rain-mania washing across the 32nd Street land here in Manhattan."
Author: Oh Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"We've owned a lot of land down there for many years. We had 12,000 acres. Now, we're adding 6,000 acres together."
Author: Ingram Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"A land of streams! some, like a downward smoke,/ Slow-dropping veils of thinnest lawn, did go."
Author: Tennyson Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"I wander around, get the lay of the land and try to imagine what kind of people would have lived there in that historical period. What would they eat? What kind of clothing would they wear? How did they shelter themselves? How did they get around?"
"To set the cause above renown, To love the game beyond the prize, To honor, while you strike him down, The foe that comes with fearless eyes; To count the life of battle good And dear the land that gave you birth, And dearer yet the brotherhood That"
"Builders are using every nook and cranny."
Author: Ahluwalia Quotes Category: Land Quotes

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