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"They receive credit not necessarily because of the number of days they're here, but the mastery of their learning."
Author: Chapman Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"It's good learning for us this weekend. It's a tight race down to the end in the WCHA, and it doesn't matter who we're playing or where we're playing. We can't take any game lightly the rest of the year."
Author: Gilbert Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"There would be a learning curve for him. He's never played, so the speed of the game would be different. To be fair, it would probably take two or three games to adjust to that. It's not really worth it."
Author: Lappano Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"Until he commits himself to really learning the system, it'll be tough for him. He's still one of the best athletes on this football team. He has to understand that playing quarterback in this system takes a lot of work, a lot of film study."
Author: Lappano Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"It's only through listening that you learn, and I never want to stop learning."
Author: Barrymore Quotes Category: Learning Quotes German Poet Quotes
"He has the contacts and the time to move us forward. There will be a learning curve for him like there is for any first year coach, but we're going to focus on strategies that are effective here."
Author: Hart Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"We learn not in the school, but in life"
Author: Seneca Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"He's used to scoring a lot of points in high school, so he's still learning to be a point guard. He has tremendous physical ability. I think he has the potential to be one of the best point guards in the country."
Author: O'Shea Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"Our people are working. Our students are learning. And our citizens are healthy."
Author: Pawlenty Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"It's like preparing for a party and learning only 1/10th of the guest are coming,"
Author: Rendell Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"The voters like it because it is easy. The good thing is the workers are learning to adapt."
Author: Leach Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"I was learning the ropes, and the [congressional] redistricting map came out, ... I saw it, and sitting in the middle of the new district was Trumbull County."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"He's still learning the position. From that standpoint, he's almost a young player at that position. As he continues to learn the offense and the position, he'll only get better."
Author: Lewand Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"People are either turning some of the security functions off or learning to live with lower network performance."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"Learning how to operate a soul figures to take time."
"I know what I like when I see it, but no way have I ever become interested in learning about it."
Author: Spall Quotes Category: Learning Quotes English Actor Quotes
"The real key is that in massage as you are learning to work with someone else, with healthy touch, you are listening to them in what they need and want. It frees people from always having to end with intercourse."
Author: Kahn Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"each one synthesizing and adding to what others are learning. If only one or two news organizations do it, it won't have the same effect."
"She will be more than happy to talk to you about teaching and learning. She is tired of talking about all the other stuff."
Author: Salter Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"Unprovided with original learning, unformed in the habits of thinking,unskilled in the arts of composition, I resolved to write a book."

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