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"These cuts will bring devastation to the delivery of vocational courses, apprenticeships and adult learning, seriously undermining the government's skills agenda."
Author: Serwotka Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"informs me how much she's enjoying learning about places and people she's never known. I'm hoping that as a result she might even someday not wear only black."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"That's another new one. We're all learning new rules this year. If it was the playoffs, we would be a little more upset about that."
Author: Arnott Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"That comes with learning the position,"
"From the first, I made my learning, what little it was, useful every way I could."
Author: Bethune Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"So, I am learning about what their strengths and weaknesses are as we go. You want to try and find where they can fit."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"We have had a great deal of Katrina issues. It was a big learning curve for us and people in the utility industry. The most important thing we need to do is ensure people have reliable electric, phone, gas and water services and keep the rates at or below national averages."
Author: Bentz Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"For 18 months, we had worked on something that mattered: a national system of early learning and child care. Then it was gone."
Author: Dryden Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"This year, we put a lot more emphasis in the relays and scoring. We've been learning over the past three years, but we came a long way."
Author: Stark Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"It's another way of learning besides the traditional chalkboard method."
"When you stop learning, stop listening, stop looking and asking questions, always new questions, then it is time to die."
"This was the time of training, when you were learning your craft, and I don't think that you can work too hard at that particular time."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Learning Quotes Canadian Journalist Quotes
"I think we are both still learning off of each other so much. It's nice to have a teammate that's your brother. In racing, you always kind of have to watch your teammate closely and strive to be better than him. But when it's your brother, it's not like that. We're still competitive with each other, but we're not trying to beat each other-we're trying to make each other better."
Author: Frisselle Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"The one rule we always have is, the learning has to be in the doing. So if they're playing, they're learning at the same time."
Author: Lisus Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"Intellectual pursuits are more well-rounded when people have arts as a means to observe as well. Part of learning has a lot to do with delight."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"Everyone and everything around you is your teacher."
Author: Keyes Quotes Category: Learning Quotes Teachers Quotes
"They have really put their noses to the grindstone in terms of learning what to do (and are) focusing on the right keys and reads and responding in a way that makes us successful."
Author: Bunting Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"This is really Joe's second year of playing goalie. He's an excellent athlete and is really learning how to do it. Tonight they exposed his weaknesses. But they exposed us because we had someone in the penalty box all night."
Author: Vieira Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"Life has changed dramatically for me since the 2004 Athens Olympics. With every meet I'm learning more. I have no real pressure on me since I have both breaststroke (100m/200m) world records."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"He's improving. He's still learning a position. He's been moved around a lot."
Author: Bates Quotes Category: Learning Quotes

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