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"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."
"They're $15 a dozen, and you get them delivered — now that's a deal. It's a good way to express appreciation or love for somebody."
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"We express our appreciation to the French Government and the four toll road companies for the grant."
"I think his doctrinaire approach to taxes overwhelms his appreciation of transportation needs."
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"It would be healthy for the U.S. housing market if the rate of price appreciation slows and gives income growth a chance to catch up to it, like we've seen in areas like Boston,"
"Love and appreciate me for me, not through set societal standards."
"I did really gain an appreciation for the strong work ethic of the Japanese people. I had the opportunity to teach English every week ... They'd been learning English, some of them since elementary school. Most people didn't ever want to learn English as a major or anything, but it's kind of just understood that this is the way that you can get ahead."
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"We see a slowing in home-price appreciation. But some markets could see a significant decline."
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"You don't get an appreciation on television of how fast those downhill or bobsleds are going. They have a lot of skill and talent to do that. It's really treacherous."
"Most people do not receive nearly enough appreciation. How can this be when appreciation is free, easy, and readily available? All you have to do is speak. Go give some away now."
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"I think we'll see a leveling out in prices and slower appreciation. Oregon and Lane County are going to continue to grow, but a little more slowly."
"I felt I didn't want to let the city down. That's the feeling that you have out there, the appreciation of the standing ovation and the cheers, and praying you don't let them (fans) down. You want to put on a good performance for them and bring that whole atmosphere back here in San Francisco, and get everybody excited."
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"We knew the kid of appreciation we had been seeing in some markets was not sustainable over the long term."
"The economy is firing on all cylinders. Construction is very strong. Home price appreciation is very strong. The commercial real estate sector is very strong. Utah ? right now, its performance is about as good as at any time, ever."
"Moreover, I don't see diminished housing-price appreciation as a major problem for consumer spending, since again, the primary determinant of spending is income, and we see solid and improving prospects for real incomes for the nation as a whole."
"That's what I really like about the South. It's all about appreciation of the individual."
"I can't express my appreciation enough to all of the people who made a tremendous effort so that our audiences would still have the first opportunity to see this splendidly staged musical version of the Louisa May Alcott classic. I hope our patrons affected by this delayed opening will take the opportunity to attend one of the weekend performances, and understand the extraordinary circumstances that have allowed this to happen."
"In our society, we're having a huge problem with respect and appreciation of people and their art and talent. Everyone praises the almighty dollar. But the almighty dollar will never be what a friend or artist can be."
"You're seeing trading volumes trend higher with appreciation in the equity markets, and you're seeing client assets rise in tandem."
"We expect prices to continue to go up but at a slower pace. We expect the (annual) appreciation rate by summer to come down to below 10 percent."

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