Lies And Lying Quotes

294 Lies And Lying quotes:

"Barbara said she knew it was in as soon as she shot it. She's told me a lot of lies over the last four years, but that was the biggest one I've ever heard."
"It makes more sense to find out where the middle- and long-term common ground lies."
"Loquacity and lying are cousins"
"I always remember an epitaph which is in the cemetery at Tombstone, Arizona. It says: ''Here lies Jack Williams. He done his damnedest.'' I think that is the greatest epitaph a man can have."
"For one man's chin is as rough as another's, and one man's lies are as smooth as another's"
"I think the yield has worried investors. Some investors believe that it's a signal that a recession lies ahead. I believe that is a faulty interpretation."
"Tasmania lies 130 miles southeast of Australia. When it was first visited by Europeans in 1642, Tasmania was occupied by 4,000 hunter-gatherers related to mainland Australians, but with the simplest technology of any recent people on Earth. Unlike mainland Aboriginal Australians, Tasmanians couldn't start a fire."
"Who has a daring eye tell downright truths and downright lies."
"The older guys — they talk to me. The pressure with those guys lies on me."
"A composite is a euphemism for a lie. It's disorderly. It's dishonest and it's not journalism."
"I would never lie. I willfully participate in a campaign of misinformation."
"We lie loudest when we lie to ourselves."
"People tell about two lies a day, or at least that is how many they will admit to."
"The truth that survives is simply the lie that is pleasantest to believe."
"Lying is a terrible vice, it testifies that one despises God, but fears men."
"Who does not in some sort live to others, does not live much to himself."
"''They say'' is often a great liar."
"Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others."
"Burning lies led to my silent cries Keeping it inside I've got everything to hide. lustful desire, a burning fire You are the flame, You are to blame. Beautiful light deliver me from fright dreams full of lust. Or is the dream dreaming us? PHYSICAL PAIN don't call me insane. I don't want to be dead but all beautiful colors bleed to red"
"Never forget that a half truth is a whole lie."

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