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Literature Quotes

153 Literature quotes:

"The struggle of literature is in fact a struggle to escape from the confines of language; it stretches out from the utmost limits of what can be said; what stirs literature is the call and attraction of what is not in the dictionary."
"Literature has always had its circus side, its freaks and its frivolities - and maybe that's all part of it, and no bad thing if it draws people towards what is most worthwhile."
Author: Botton Quotes Category: Literature Quotes
"Ultimately, literature is nothing but carpentry. With both you are working with reality, a material just as hard as wood."
"It's been a long time since the prize has gone to someone like that. Esthetic literature has dominated because, I think, the modernist trend has been to frown upon scientific literature,"
Author: Engdahl Quotes Category: Literature Quotes
"Literature exists at the same time in the modes of error and truth; it both betrays and obeys its own mode of being."
Author: Man Quotes Category: Literature Quotes
"Literature... is condemned (or privileged) to be forever the most rigorous and, consequently, the most reliable of terms in which man names and transforms himself."
Author: Man Quotes Category: Literature Quotes
"Newer teachers also have a broader perspective on literature."
"Literature, the most seductive, the most deceiving, the most dangerous of professions."
"What makes literature interesting is that it does not survive its translation. The characters in a novel are made out of the sentences. That's what their substance is."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Literature Quotes British Entertainer Quotes
"If it was verifiable in acceptable medical literature from multiple sources, that was kind of a litmus test."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Literature Quotes
"He knew everything about literature except how to enjoy it."
"The literature at the top says Reader's Digest but it is not. If you look at the literature, it says USA Direct Inc. What they do is say you have won and of course everyone knows Reader's Digest so they assume it's legitimate."
Author: Hoskins Quotes Category: Literature Quotes
"Because the historical literature talks about his clumsy gait . . . it raises the possibility that that was caused by a mutation in this gene."
Author: Ranum Quotes Category: Literature Quotes
"Henry James seems most entirely in his element, doing that is to say what everything favors his doing, when it is a question of recollection. The mellow light which swims over the past, the beauty which suffuses even the commonest little figures of that"
Author: Woolf Quotes Category: Literature Quotes Element Quotes
"My mother, Southern to the bone, once told me, "All Southern literature can be summed up in these words: 'On the night the hogs ate Willie, Mama died when she heard what Daddy did to sister"
Author: Conroy Quotes Category: Literature Quotes
"So far the literature has focused on verifiable external stressors with less emphasis on how they are experienced by the individual, ... The same external stressor may result in different levels of stress in different people. A measure of self-reported stress therefore provides a better measure of the actual level of stress experienced by the individual."
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Literature Quotes
"Ambiguity is Vajpayee's strength. His roots are in poetry and literature, and I think that's a big advantage."
"One learns little more about a man from his feats of literary memory than from the feats of his alimentary canal."
Author: Colby Quotes Category: Literature Quotes Literary Quotes
"I guarantee you (his opponents) will use it in campaign literature."
Author: Orr Quotes Category: Literature Quotes
"That is a very good question. I don't know the answer. But can you tell me the name of a classical Greek shoemaker?"
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Literature Quotes

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