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Management Quotes

424 Management quotes:

"The whole integration of policy management and Active Directory - that's where you tie in the user to the network service."
"We've delivered consistent results, largely with the management team in place today."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"There is no blushing when it comes to making these demands, as long as management is only negotiating with the compensation committee and not with shareholders."
Author: Coffee Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Those who cannot miss an opportunity of saying a good thing . . . are not to be trusted with the management of any great question."
Author: Hazlitt Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"We have problems ahead of us. I will not hide the fact that the management issues are very difficult and we face a polarization of the membership."
"NSO management made the recommendation to the executive committee of the board, who made the appointment."
Author: Slatkin Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"The real issue is digital rights management."
Author: Morgan Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"the entire management team and Board of Directors, and I, are very committed to our ongoing roles at Take-Two."
Author: Eibeler Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"I'm happy that he's being visible. Sometimes management needs to be nudged a bit."
Author: Benesch Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"The capital management was certainly on the cards, but the market wasn't expecting such a generous offer."
Author: Pervan Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"This medication is not for everybody - it should be reserved for those who have first exhausted other methods for management of constipation, such as increased fiber and fluid intake, and regular exercise). I would also underscore the FDA's statement that this medication should not be used by people whose constipation is caused by other medications and diseases."
Author: Bain Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"We're integrating voice and data services on one platform -- with a single management interface and a single link to the Internet,"
Author: Platt Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"On management reform, you have one side basically saying that the secretary general should be empowered and should have all flexibility as a kind of C.E.O. and the other side saying that it is not ready to give up the prerogative of the General Assembly and would like to keep a close eye on the work of the secretary general."
Author: Baali Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"The findings provide support for intuitive eating as a positive approach to healthy weight management."
Author: Hawks Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"We were able to convince both Dylan?s management and Sony BMG that this was a perfect project for us. . . . We think (they?ve) done a terrific job of doing a total Bob Dylan promotion. It will be a win-win for everybody involved."
Author: Lombard Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"The Ruffed Grouse Society currently supports the deer management program and considers the generally reduced deer numbers a golden opportunity to improve habitat for all game and non-game wildlife in [Pennsylvania] through improved habitat management."
Author: Banker Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Things that needed to get done, the management has done."
Author: Haverty Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Me and my agent have told the Eagles' management that we're no longer interested in talking to them as far as the contract situation."
"Is this another blow to management? I would say yes. But you can't say management was on very steady ground in the eyes of investors."
Author: Tynan Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Previous management understood what needed to be changed, but they were unable to make it happen, ... To actually make these changes is a massive challenge. It can't be done quickly. There will be people who will resist. There's no avoiding a good deal of internal conflict."

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