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Management Quotes

424 Management quotes:

"Senior Burlington management have been saying since March that if the moratorium is (upheld), the deal is in trouble. (The court decision) last Friday was the big event."
"This is not a tax sale. The (financial) river is wide and deep. Morning Star Management continues to do huge capital improvements in these buildings."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"If I were a dues-paying member of the Jockeys' Guild, ... I'd want some new management."
Author: Barton Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Smart hasn't developed as planned, and it's no secret the two sets of management didn't always see eye to eye"
Author: Lawson Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Like many fast-growing companies, we went through a period where cost management was not a priority. That ends now,"
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Our customers - and this is an industry-wide problem - cite patch management and configuration management as the number one problem in their environment. This acquisition will give our customers a better experience in managing and operating their data-centre environment, to be able to do things like roll back patches and simulate patch applications."
Author: Harding Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Management misses an opportunity to build a team greatly."
"Jeanne is an outstanding retail and management talent who has developed successful brands and programs in both traditional and online retail channels,"
Author: Scott Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"OPEC is going to have to go back to some supply management again if they are going to hold a (price) floor. It should be easy for them to manage, it's not like they have to cut a lot they will still be at high output levels."
Author: Qureshi Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"They needed a very senior engineer who could knock heads together when disputes arose and had backing from senior management. Steve is really tailor-made for the job."
Author: Helm Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"I knew how a lot of the management operated but if you are not used to certain characters, personalities, it can rub you up the wrong way."
"An experienced technical person can make $70,000 to $80,000. Someone with management skills can make $100,000 or more. It's all moving toward becoming a seller's market."
Author: Rosen Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"He hasn't played for a few months. I spoke to his management in Shanghai where he was also unable to play — he was about to get back on court but apparently still hasn't been able to get out there so that's making it pretty tough for him. It's very disappointing, especially given what he did in Australia last year."
Author: McNamee Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"We were interested and committed to bridging this gap. ... But management was clearly not committed to the process."
Author: Culp Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"This represents a lot of work by a lot of people to enhance our management capabilities and make this an even better place for the wildlife we serve."
Author: Trout Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Me and my agent have told the Eagles' management that we're no longer interested in talking to them as far as the contract situation, ... We don't feel as though we've received a proposal from them that really represents the value that I bring to this team and my market value. I think that in the last 21/2, 3 years that I've been here, I've brought a lot to this team."
"Proper management of underground storage tanks makes sense from both an environmental and economic standpoint. A leak of just one gallon from an underground tank can be costly and time-consuming to remediate. This settlement will improve the health and safety of our city's resident."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"to improve U.N. accountability and management."
Author: Coleman Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Whether it's an aircraft engine, nuclear submarine or power station, the project management challenges are consistently the same. The online program provides education that project managers can use in any industry."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Past use records on your ranch/allotment can be very beneficial when developing a grazing management plan or monitoring present and future trends."
Author: Sanders Quotes Category: Management Quotes

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