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"I don't want to say athletics drives applications. But our enrollment management people will say we're getting more and more applications and therefore can be more selective in choosing our freshman class. They believe an awful lot of that is due to the visibility and national exposure we receive from our athletic programs."
"This program is not new to Hill or the industrial world. It's actually a management system that starts at the employee level. You get them to take charge of their safety program and then all the way up through management you develop a level of accountability."
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"I think sometimes it's difficult to run something by committee; the management of both companies are strong-willed types of individuals. They both have their own way of doing things. That makes it hard to have the flow you need and to create the sixth network."
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"The misconception is that the management does not care about the shareholders, and if they did, they would give more information. I think the stock price is extremely important to them."
"Index investing outperforms active management year after year."
"Our Asset Management Services division is an important part of our Group. Over the last decade, we have built a significant international distribution capability, which delivers investment solutions to institutional investors and their consultants. Our strategy is to harness this capability to provide an enhanced range of investment solutions in the future."
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"Our power management is pretty darn good with this device,"
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"Without really intending to, I kind of went up the ranks in museum management positions, ... I didn't plan on making a career of it, but it seems I really, really enjoy the work."
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"While we don't expect management to partake in major near-term restructuring, we believe the idea provides support for the stock."
"They're like the kidneys of surface water management. They provide filtration for contaminants like fertilizers, pesticides and metals."
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"That was an inside deal at the management level to buy Crusoe out."
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"Senior Burlington management have been saying since March that if the moratorium is (upheld), the deal is in trouble. (The court decision) last Friday was the big event."
"I think that a leveraged buyout by management is also possible."
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"This is not a tax sale. The (financial) river is wide and deep. Morning Star Management continues to do huge capital improvements in these buildings."
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"If I were a dues-paying member of the Jockeys' Guild, ... I'd want some new management."
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"It was good already, and IBM keep chipping away at making it easier to use - so that lowers management costs."
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"Smart hasn't developed as planned, and it's no secret the two sets of management didn't always see eye to eye"
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"Like many fast-growing companies, we went through a period where cost management was not a priority. That ends now,"
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"The building is solid; the (prior) management was bad. The problem with the building from the outside is it's dated. People look at it and think is in bad shape (inside). All the outside will be re-done."
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"This does not have the earmarks of a long-planned management transition."

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