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"I've never seen so many long runs on kickoffs. Darrell Blackman is an awfully good athlete."
Author: Amato Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"He's probably the best athlete we've played on the perimeter. I was really concerned just to stay in front of him, to play him as a driver first, and that's what I did."
Author: Frasor Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes Perimeter Quotes
"I think (Wynne as first pick) is the general consensus -- most people would say he's the likely No. 1, and he's earned that. He's obviously a special kind of athlete. And when you talk about somebody who can adjust and play right away, his athletic qualities allow him to do that."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes Consensus Quotes
"He's incredible, a tremendous athlete and I just love watching him play. Playing with him is a treat. I look up to the guy and you don't normally look up to younger guys. The injury made him even stronger."
Author: Buckman Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"With with these points in mind go forth, enjoy Mother Nature, and celebrate your return to what you're supposed to do, live as an athlete."
Author: Rodgers Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes Mother Nature Quotes
"It's fun to watch. To see someone grow, not just as an athlete, from a teenager to a mom. She's a great player who continues to be a pivotal player for the team."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes Moms Quotes
"It wasn't him that gave in, it was his knee that gave out. He never really got a fair chance. I remember him having these problems from day one. It's sad to see anybody's career cut short. He never got a chance to show people on a big stage what he was capable of. It's a very frustrating thing for any athlete."
Author: Croshere Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"I still put on the skates once in a while, but I do not look back. I had a great career. I hope to have a great career in boxing, too. I am not bitter at the way some people may look at me. Sure, I am trying to turn my image around and be a lady. But you can be a lady, and an athlete, too."
Author: Harding Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"He's a terrific athlete who makes up for a lot of things with his quickness. He was probably the best athlete in the State Tournament."
"He was a superior athlete in the rec league. He was a superior athlete in high school. And he'll be a superior athlete here. You know how pilots like to fly and doctors like to save people's lives? Well, Xavier likes to play football."
"I liked the energy level they played with throughout the game. That really spoke volumes for these kids, because it's so difficult to be in this situation, with our backs against the wall. ... But like I just told them in the locker room, we don't get to take any of these points with us up north."
"I'm really proud of our freshmen. They played really well today. This was a good win today, but we still have two more games to go this weekend."
Author: Palmer Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes Freshmen Quotes
"I came here to win a gold medal. But am I proud of our team? Yes. We showed a lot of character after hitting rock bottom after the loss to Sweden. No one expected to be playing for the bronze."
"We expected him to be back in super-G and downhill, because it suits his ability a little more now."
"We came here to win medals; when my guys are in tears it's tough."
Author: Judge Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes Tears Quotes
"I am so proud of this team and to be in the gold medal game. This team has a big heart. We played our hearts out. It is awesome."
"With no individual global championships to aim at in 2006, my focus is the Golden League this summer, and I am looking forward to challenging for the US$1 million prize."
Author: Bekele Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes Focus Quotes
"We knew what we had and what we didn't have. We had a great meet and wow, what an ending."
Author: Busch Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"Winning Commonwealth gold was just totally unbelievable."

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