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Athletics Quotes

279 Athletics quotes:

"First and foremost, he's an outstanding athlete. He has to be or else he wouldn't be in this position. He takes great care of himself. He's a competitor by nature. He has a great sense of humor, which I think keeps everything in perspective for him, good or bad. But, to play as long as he has played and to be on the verge of breaking these records is a tremendous accomplishment. For someone to be in a position that he's in and having done this for so many years and continue to be excited about coming to work every day and the opportunities he has is really a remarkable thing."
Author: Coughlin Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"He's just a phenomenal athlete."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"He's an incredible athlete...he's got a lot of stamina. He logged a lot of minutes as a freshman. He can handle it."
Author: Clemens Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"This is a huge deal for the players. For once in their lives, they get to feel like an athlete, not an entertainment machine. They live with everyone else from different sports. They get to represent their countries, which is the biggest thing for these players. From the experiences of '98 and '02, this is a big thing."
"The fraud comes when someone says, 'I'm a 6-foot-2 athlete and weigh 180 pounds,'"
Author: Li Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"We joke on our morning show because he's so perfect, ... He's a great athlete, a hometown guy, good looking. I wouldn't be surprised if he was running a foster puppy shelter out of his basement and helping sick children in his spare time."
"Dee is the best athlete on the team and he has great speed."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"[Butler is] definitely a great athlete with that one thing you can't coach, it's speed. We really used him as kind of a utility guy, defense we played him at corner and we used him as a tailback, a slot-type of back, slot receiver and split end."
Author: Welch Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"He's the No. 1 athlete in the NFL. He can do anything he wants."
Author: Milloy Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"John is exactly the kind of athlete every coach wants on his team. He brings knowledge and great work ethic to every game and every practice. He's always been a small kid, but, through hard work, he's improved his body a lot. That's a tribute to his dedication. He's the kind of kid every coach dreams about."
Author: Haase Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"He's a tremendous athlete -- we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. Last year was his breakout year. He's had some success at the big-league level now -- and he's going to get better."
Author: Towers Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"Ryan's the type of kid every coach would be happy to have on his team. He's a tremendous athlete and leader and a smart player. Rocky and Duane raved about him. We didn't recruit him as a quarterback, but as a slot receiver who could navigate the middle of the field. But then we found out Ryan could kick as well."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"Ron Hudson told me Omar was a real good-looking athlete with a lot of upside, but that he had some flaws in his throwing motion, ... So I got Omar on the phone and said, 'Who else is recruiting you?' He said, 'The only other visit I got is Buffalo.'"
Author: Meyer Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"He's a tremendous athlete and a very explosive runner, but he's not a guy who's going to put on a lot of moves. Once he gets in the open field he tries to run by guys. We will have to be fast and sure on our open-field tackling."
"We've got to get every athlete in the program bigger, faster and stronger between now and August. We've got to have a heck of a summer conditioning program."
"Maybe we learned something from this one. He's the best athlete we have."
Author: Cameron Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"Let's be honest now, he's a special kind of athlete. He's fast. He's strong. He's intelligent and hungry. And you don't find that all the time in different players. And especially finding all those attributes in one player."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"Matt was probably 205 pounds when we recruited him. But we could see what kind of athlete he is. He has a big frame (6-foot-6). He'll get on the field. He's very athletic. He's really going to be something some day."
Author: Alvarez Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"He's good, a good athlete and strong, big-bodied. He does well. He knows he has a long way to go, I have a long way to go. He had a good preseason and a good first game."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"He's a superman and a super-human athlete, but I just know how hard it is to score points in our game."
Author: Karl Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes

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