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"The perfect going-away gift for a college student-athlete. A dictionary."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"As an athlete, while standing on the ice, the only goal is to win the gold medal. What's more important for me is that I could compete in one more Olympic Games."
Author: Yang Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"She has come a long way. She's just a natural athlete. There's things she can do with the ball in practice that still amaze me."
Author: Govert Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"When I was playing I never wished I was doing anything else. I think being a professional athlete is the finest thing a man can do."
"Josh has really come on as a leader. He's so competitive. He's a great athlete, but a lot of what he gets comes out of his competitiveness."
Author: Hedrick Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"Josh is just a great athlete. He has a couple of colleges looking at him. Both Dan and Pat are both talented, so they'll take the defense's attention away from Josh."
Author: Blaylock Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"I would never let myself believe that. I'm a strong athlete and I definitely believe I'm getting stronger."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"Stanfill put him on his tail four or five times, ... Steve was a great athlete, confident and cocky, but we put tremendous pressure on him. That was the best way I knew to stop the quarterback."
Author: Dooley Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"She's the embodiment of a true Olympic athlete. I saw firsthand how hard she trained. I can't say enough about her and how she improved her play."
Author: Ruggiero Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"Tyrus is a tremendous athlete who we need back."
Author: Brady Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"Jason is a gifted athlete. He was a tremendous receiver as a freshman and a sophomore. He has great speed, he's tall in stature, he had good body strength and he catches the ball great. He's a really good soccer player also. He's a very talented kid."
Author: West Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"No, I'm not surprised that it's a huge deal. Michelle has been a marvelous champion. She's a terrific athlete. It's clear that skating fans everywhere adore her, and they should. She's been a terrific image for the sport of figure skating, so I'm not surprised that there's all this attention."
"I wouldn't say it's cold, but every year Winnipeg's athlete of the year is an ice fisherman."
Author: Tallon Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"He's an incredible athlete and a guy whose conditioning really has been a measuring stick for everybody in this league. It is so easy for us to point to Jerry Rice when we are trying to make a strong message with a player who we may not feel is as serious about his game as he should be."
Author: Coughlin Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"I'm a swing guy. Three hundred pounds, 6-foot-4, great athlete. A guy who can play any position on the offensive line. I'm athletic enough."
Author: Colledge Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"He's an outstanding athlete. He fits into our team excellently."
Author: Black Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"Hart is one of the best around. He's a tremendously strong, tough, fast athlete, who has all the tools and the makeup of a great back, so we're going to have our hands full trying to contain him."
Author: Maguire Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"He's a real good athlete. He can run the ball real well, and he gets the ball to his receivers, so he can hurt you in a lot of different ways."
Author: Maguire Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"Marc was the most fierce competitor I've ever coached. Marc was a phenomenal athlete. He did everything (and) played on both sides of the ball."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"I have the same feeling that I had as an athlete. We're just hoping we can be competitive. I'm very much committed to making sure this works. . . . If you put the right people in the right places, miracles can happen."
Author: Staubach Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes

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