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"We just kept battling. We were so many times in a situation, say, where we had first and third with nobody out and we don't score and throw the momentum back to the other side. But we kept playing hard."
Author: Melvin Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes
"Somehow they got the momentum, and both teams were playing extremely hard, ... Our kids kept fighting, and their kids kept playing. It was a good football game."
"We were able to get some momentum back with our power play. Lately it hasn't been that great. It was a big win for us. We needed those points."
Author: Morrison Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes
"We had complete control of the game until that point. We gave them a couple of power plays and they generated a lot of momentum off that. They got a few shots and they just kept coming."
Author: Morrison Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes
"We end up with a couple two-out hits tonight that we didn't get this past weekend. And the one error that they made really was a momentum changer."
Author: Todd Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes
"We hit the ball hard but right at people. Other times, we?d get momentum and shoot ourselves in the foot."
Author: Todd Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes
"This exceptional third-quarter momentum, combined with our outlook for more modest earnings growth in the fourth quarter, reinforces our confidence in our ability to deliver $1.50, or more, in diluted earnings per share in this year's second half,"
Author: Ulrich Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes Fourth Quarter Quotes
"We're playing well right now. I like our chances. It's a winnable game. We have to go in focused like we were in the (conference) tournament, and hopefully we can ride off that momentum."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes
"I believe the positive momentum should continue and players should receive a return of a significant portion of the escrow dollars."
Author: Saskin Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes
"This program is knocking down the barriers to entry for people who want to participate in the digital revolution. After a seasonally slow April and May, our marketing program kicked in, driving a dramatic increase in volume in June and creating good momentum for the second half of the year,"
Author: Waitt Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes Second Half Quotes
"I suspect a lot of people are a little nervous. It's kind of like a hot stove and a lot of people are afraid to touch it. It's a very difficult environment ? a lot of people have pushed themselves away from the table and you don't have that momentum that you need."
Author: Weisberg Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes
"The future is really bright. Any time there is a coaching change, it takes a little bit until the wheels start rolling. You kind of feel the momentum in the locker room now."
Author: Degory Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes Locker Room Quotes
"I've always tried to make practice like the games and games like practice. NFL games are often very emotional the energy, the momentum. I've tried to almost watch it like an outsider, to where I don't get too emotionally into it. Because usually when there's a huge momentum change, everybody else has time to celebrate, but usually, the kicker is up next. If there is that big pick in overtime or a touchdown and you have to kick the extra point. You take the opposite tack and ramp all that back down."
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"There is still only Mitch and I in the business, which may be one of the classic small business mistakes we've made, ... We're turning over nearly $1 million a year with just two people. The first challenge that comes to mind is that we designed something, got it on the market and suddenly were running a tank business with momentum."
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"That was the key to the game. We were cruising right along but they got two quick runs without really having to work at it and they were getting some momentum. But as soon as we hit those back-to-back home runs, it took the momentum right away."
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"There is phenomenal momentum behind search engine advertising,"
Author: Stein Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes
"The jobless claims drop shows good strength in the labor market at the end of the year. It shows that the economy has recovered after the hurricanes and is heading into the new year with good momentum and good job prospects."
Author: Thayer Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes Good Job Quotes
"Although the momentum behind Linux continues to be strong, until today, general business users have not really been a part of the story. With today's introduction of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Novell is keeping a promise it made last year, to invest in delivering a desktop that is designed for the business user, rather than for experienced Linux users. Novell deserves credit for addressing the issue of usability head-on, by delivering a desktop that really can meet the needs of the basic knowledge worker."
Author: Barnett Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes Linux Quotes
"The second half he came out and the crowd got into it and he got a lot of energy. Momentum swung their way because that guy was making big plays."
Author: Dumervil Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes Crowds Quotes
"That was big as far as the momentum, a game-changing play. It was something we needed."
Author: Dumervil Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes

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