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"It was a real experience, not just, 'I'm going to the Olympics,' but it was a life skill, an eye-opener to the real world situation. I was 16, gone from my parents for two months, living by myself in a hotel. I was in charge of how much I ate, how much sleep I got. You grow up extremely fast. You know how to set goals for yourself, and how to work toward those goals. You know time management and how to work through adversity."
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"Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind is written large in his works."
"We are sorry to lose Mark as he is a superb person, with extraordinary skill, experience and integrity. We understand corporate conflicts have arisen for Mark at his company that were not foreseeable at the time of his appointment. While we regret his decision to withdraw from the board, we nevertheless defer to his judgment as to the need to do so."
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"It's a 360-degree sound experience. Like you're in the middle of the band. A lot of people have the technology to play the format, so why not put it out there. It sounds great."
"I don?t care if he played receiver or cornerback, when you play at that level you have experience with all of it. He?s extremely flexible in his ability to teach those things. He sees what we?re doing and he teaches to that scheme."
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"These students are courageous and this is an experience they will never forget, ... They held on to hope and had the strength and determination to survive."
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"Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience."
"We are lacking experience, but our kids feel pretty positive about the season."
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"I'm going to use it as a learning experience. I've never competed there as an individual before, so it will be something different for me that I can take for next season."
"The usual assistance we extend to countries who experience this kind of tragedy is the sending of a humanitarian team,"
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"Maturity is the fine line between life and experience."
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"It's been a harrowing experience . . . all I can say is that it's in the hands of the police and we'll just have to let the courts settle it."
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"I want the University of Pittsburgh to experience those things that Connecticut has experienced with conference championships and NCAA titles. We will be a winning program."
"In my experience, even when [oil] prices are extremely high and spending [on extraction] is extremely high, it has been virtually impossible to reduce decline rates below 3%."
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"Obviously we would have preferred a better outcome for our team, but ultimately, it was a great experience for our team."
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"Reason, observation, and experience; the holy trinity of science."
"It is a bittersweet experience for the person claiming, as well as the police. It was a horrifying event, and this has become more than a job for the officers."
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"It took the three of them, with all their training and experience, to get the handcuffs on one man and they still didn't have the upper hand."
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"We have experience back. And, they've worked so hard."
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"Delta's plan to upgrade JFK facilities will improve our customers' travel experience and make it more efficient and enjoyable to travel through one of the world's premier international gateways. Our customers should make no mistake that Delta is committed to New York and that this summer's expansion at JFK is an important step in offering enhanced service to customers in most every direction we serve from New York City."

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