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"AT&T will be really aggressive in terms of moving into this space."
Author: Turner Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"It was a move based on me making space for him, which I did not want that early in the race on the basis of scoring as much as possible and getting the best out of the weekend."
Author: Schumacher Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"Space tourism will be a significant portion of the overall travel and tourism industry over the next 20 to 25 years."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"For me, one of the high points is the internal build up of the space station with new laboratory equipment."
Author: Phillips Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"We knew he had speed, we just have to give him space. And he can score from anywhere on the field and that is an important thing for us."
Author: Lowery Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"It's unfortunate but we do lose things occasionally on the space station. There are lots of nooks and crannies, and ... things don't stay where you put them. They float away."
Author: Shireman Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"I don't see how they get there, honestly, without doing more in the Linux and Microsoft space, which are the volume operating systems in the x86 market, ... They're going to struggle to provide the proof of why this is so different and so unique in the marketplace to get customers comfortable buying from HP, Dell or IBM to consider it."
Author: Hudson Quotes Category: Space Quotes Linux Quotes
"Exploring space is a hazardous line of work, always has been and always will be. But if you're going to make progress in aerospace, you've got to accept some risk."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"They're trying to diversify their bets. They don't know who will be the leader in this space, and they want to have a presence with whoever has the potential to be the leader."
Author: Maxick Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"In terms of the level of importance, this would be ù in this space ù the same thing as Apple announcing they were going to be using Intel processors,"
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"I married a monster from outer space"
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"Boeing intends to be No. 1 in space. This acquisition is a significant step forward in executing our goal of becoming the industry leader in integrated, space-based information and communications."
Author: Condit Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"For teens it works differently. For them it actually is a public space where they can try on new identities."
Author: Simon Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"When you look, there's really no other space for the firefighters themselves."
Author: Spencer Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"He called me when he had a space,"
Author: Levine Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"Scott's been out there from the get-go on how to make the online space profitable."
Author: Logan Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"There's good, green, open space. They can even go outside, weather permitting. There's restroom facilities."
Author: Greenhill Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"We wanted to make it clean and simple, to get as much use out of the space as possible. The bathroom was really a mess. There was carpeting and wallpaper. We took out the tub and put in a walk-in shower. We put in tile, no carpet. We left the cedar on the ceiling, because we didn't want to lose the cabin feeling."
Author: Kudisch Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"Our temporary space on First Street is actually a beautiful location, and we are happy to be here. We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones as well."
Author: Stanley Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"Some of my students have gone off to be involved in these space missions. They work on it for four or five years, then wait four or five years more for it to come back. It's so exciting if it works, and so disappointing if it doesn't."
Author: Oliver Quotes Category: Space Quotes

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