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"I strongly disagree with the statement and I am surprised that such words came out of Ukrainian foreign minister's mouth."
Author: Kosachev Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"It is hard to put in words when you attain the goal you set for yourself. We put together three games in three days. We played with a lot of heart and commitment. This team is special. I always felt we could achieve our ultimate goal."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"Good words to be reminded of,"
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"Sometimes skulls are thick.Sometimes hearts are vacant.Sometimes words don't work."
Author: Frey Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"It's amazing how my words, ôI am not determined to do good, but to be good,ö from The Person I Don't Have Time To Be have struck me on a deeper level. When I am good, I don't have to try to do good. When I am love, I don't have to worry about coming from love. I simply need to be who I am."
Author: Denise Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"I can't really put my words into sentences to say how it feels, ... (Rice) has been around for a long time and done a lot of great things. I don't really put myself next to Rice."
Author: Harrison Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"I can't put it into words. This has been our goal since the start of the season."
Author: Turnbow Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"They pulled up, words were exchanged, 'bang, bang' and they drove off. They never got out of the car. The victim was standing at the passenger-side of the car."
Author: Shelhorse Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assaults of thoughts on the unthinking."
Author: Maynard Quotes Category: Words Quotes English Economist Quotes
"My general theory since 1971 has been that the word is literally a virus, and that it has not been recognized as such because it has achieved a state of relatively stable symbiosis with its human host; that is to say, the word virus (the Other Half) has established itself so firmly as an accepted part of the human organism that it can now sneer at gangster viruses like smallpox and turn them in to the Pasteur Institute."
Author: Burroughs Quotes Category: Words Quotes General Quotes
"OBSOLETE, adj. No longer used by the timid. Said chiefly of words. A word which some lexicographer has marked obsolete is ever thereafter an object of dread and loathing to the fool writer, but if it is a good word and has no exact modern equivalent equally good, it is good enough for the good writer. Indeed, a writer's attitude toward "obsolete" words is as true a measure of his literary ability as anything except the character of his work. A dictionary of obsolete and obsolescent words would not only be singularly rich in strong and sweet parts of speech; it would add large possessions to the vocabulary of every competent writer who might not happen to be a competent reader."
Author: Bierce Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"I remember the conference director said words to the effect that Robertson is one more nutty comment away from becoming irrelevant. Since then, Robertson has made a number of such comments--on China's one-child policy, about wishing for a nuke to take out the State Department building in D.C., among others. It's as though he can't help himself. Oftentimes his comments anger his own supporters the most."
Author: Rozell Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"Two words, sweetie: Balloon mortgage -- and the need to be loved."
Author: Short Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"There were a few words and a few looks at each other on the pitch, but not much was said."
Author: Pires Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"Who Is Jill Scott? Words & Sounds Vol. 1,"
Author: Scott Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"No one outside of Vegas has ever won. In other words, we blew away the Vegas casinos."
Author: Reynolds Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"I don't know what the facility record is but I'm going to break it. I don't use the words I hope to or I'll try to?no I will."
Author: Hernandez Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"Hariri received many threats. Assad told me he had delivered some very, very harsh words to Hariri ... something like 'I will crush anyone who tries to disobey us'."
Author: Khaddam Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"In His Own Words."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"I am the letter ``A'' among the alphabets, among the compound words I am the dual compound, I am the endless time, I am the sustainer of all, and have faces on all sides (or I am omniscient)."
Author: Gita Quotes Category: Words Quotes

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