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"As long as we got the win. We gotta deal with that other (stuff) every night. But we fought through it and got the W."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"Now we are going to the playoffs on a positive note and we'll see what happens tomorrow night and prepare for whoever we play."
Author: Adelman Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"He was getting to the front of the rim all night on us. We saw that on the scouting report, but he's a little more athletic than what I thought."
Author: Houston Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"They want to see wins and it was a tough night. It's understood you don't want to get booed but they were cheering when I was winning so that's part of being a fan."
Author: Emery Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"Certainly, it's nice to go on the road and play well. The first night here wasn't kind to us, but we ended up having a split in San Francisco. I'll take it."
Author: Garner Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"I think it's an advantage for us to have to play a Monday night game, because it gives us two wins in a row, big wins, that really have everyone in that locker room feeling pretty confident about their ability to shoot the basketball and our ability to play at a high level."
Author: O'Shea Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"He had been getting me out with fastballs all night. I was able to get one over the plate."
Author: Winn Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"His success is all to him. It's all a matter of how he thinks each night and how he prepares for each game."
Author: Beckwith Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"The incidents last night are deplored by ourselves, but it is understandable. People see that peaceful protest isn't getting them anywhere."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"It was like picking our poison. (Tuesday) night, Shaq had his way inside when we tried to guard him with one man. Tonight, we made the decision to double him, and they made their three's."
Author: Hill Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"A lot of the planes arrive in the middle of the night. Everybody loves Girl Scout cookies, and it will be the first thing they see when they get off the plane."
Author: Fischer Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"You gotta be able to pitch inside to have effectiveness. Especially we've got some big guys that, (Tuesday) night, we swung the bats pretty well against them. They probably adjusted and said, 'We're going to pitch inside.' Everybody's got to do it."
Author: Ready Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"that's what late-night cable is for, I guess. You don't have to hear it at 8 o'clock, but you sure can hear it at 11:30, or 11 o'clock, on Adult Swim, if you so desire -- it will be there for you."
Author: McGruder Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"We don't want to get caught. We want to make sure that by Friday night, we are all set. All of this could change if the track changes or slows down."
Author: Toner Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"Mike would spend the night at the house. We'd stay up late and then get up in the morning and go to practice. Everything he did just emulated exactly what I was doing out there on the floor and you see what he can do now."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"She suspected him of infidelity, with and without reason, morning, noon and night"
Author: Leverson Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"The phone rang busy when we called at noon (Monday). We tried again that night around 7 p.m. and it was still busy."
Author: Yates Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"They know they can get scoring from three players every night, and sometimes all five can score. It's an all-inclusive thing."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"We don't know where to go from here, but it was a nice night."
Author: Gardenhire Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"We have to be consistent every night, every night, every night. We can't be too excited. We have to stay focused."
Author: Webber Quotes Category: Night Quotes

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