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"Main Street optimism has backed down from the mountain top and is resting on a high plateau. The general view is that things have been going well for so long, they're bound to ease back a bit. Small-business owners aren't painting a doom-and-gloom scenario here. They just sense that the red-hot economy will cool by a degree or two."
"We had a little optimism heading into this past season, but it was rough, ... Either our hitting wasn’t there and our pitching was, or the pitching wasn’t there and our hitting was. We just couldn’t get it clicking. The season was going all right for me personally before I got hurt. I felt like I was doing a job of getting on. It helped having that experience from the year before."
Author: DeJesus Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes
"There hasn't been any reason for optimism for months, so there's certainly none now."
Author: Dow Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes
"[But industry observers are reining in the optimism.] I think it's a cheap stock, but it's cheap for a reason, ... The company's core market has changed and it's attempting to change with it in order to keep up. But it's a real uphill battle."
Author: Bosshard Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes
"Someone's going to have to tell us what's different politically, and if there's nothing different, there's no reason for optimism. We've been on a treadmill for 10 years. If nothing changes politically, the result will be the same."
Author: Bell Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes
"I do have some reason for optimism this year. The fact we've had a relatively mild spring bodes well for the season."
Author: Walsh Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes
"He came from a large public school, but he had a talent for optimism and took off running."
Author: Stark Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes
"I think he is mistaken in his optimism,"
Author: Clawson Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes
"There's probably a little greater case for pessimism than optimism. But I do not rule out optimism."
Author: Leach Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes
"I think there was a lot of optimism (in February) that peace was at hand, and people could get on with their lives, but I think this optimism has been shattered now in the last few days because of the actions of the RUF and the inactions of the United Nations peacekeeping forces."
"It gives some room for optimism that wasn't there before."
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"It gives us a lot of optimism because we know that he's here. All of that other stuff is behind us, and it's a shot of adrenaline for him to be here."
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"It's a gutsy move. Embedded in it is a tremendous amount of optimism."
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"I am sure to rediscover the dynamism and optimism of the Taiwanese people, which has made this one of the most vibrant places in the Asia-Pacific region."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes
"I'm an optimist, but an optimist who carries a raincoat"
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes
"The place where optimism flourishes most is the lunatic asylum"
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"It's the first time in six or seven years that there's been this sense of optimism and that's been reflected in the season ticket sales."
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"I'm really excited for the NHL. It's just time, after so much negativity for so long, for optimism. It's almost as if a brick home has been destroyed and been rebuilt with superior bricks."
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"Consumer optimism climbed higher in December after soaring in November. This followed huge back-to-back declines in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the associated surge in energy prices."
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"The market really wants to carry on going up and there is a lot of optimism about this results season. We're not as confident as a lot of others because we think the economic fundamentals are still showing signs of weakness."
Author: O'Brien Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes

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