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Pain Quotes

430 Pain quotes:

"From the pain come the dreamFrom the dream come the visionFrom the vision come the peopleFrom the people come the powerFrom this power come the change"
Author: Gabriel Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"And the pain meds were not working, either. Chester was sitting in his basket, sucking on his back toes, and that's one of the ways I knew he was in pain."
Author: Sharman Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"People across the Indian subcontinent have felt the pain and anguish of those who have lost their loved ones and livelihoods in the earthquake that ravaged Jammu and Kashmir, on both sides of the Line of Control, and parts of Pakistan,"
Author: Singh Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"We must do something to prevent any more miners dying and having to endure this awful pain. Please do not leave any stone unturned. Twelve men, good family men, lost their lives, and we deserve answers to our questions."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"I had wanted to say that my song was far too painful to sing."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"The fiscal situation will probably have to worsen and cause some economic pain before it becomes a priority."
Author: Riedl Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"We must do something to prevent any more miners dying and having to endure this awful pain."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"You've got to bring the pain when you sing Joplin and you brought the pain."
Author: Gold Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"There is no question that Saddam has been a pain in the neck ever since,"
Author: Eagleburger Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"One is considered the best yogi who regards every being like oneself, and who can feel the pain and pleasures of others as one's own."
Author: Gita Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"I feel good, my testing has been fine and I have no pain from my injury. But it will be great to shake off the cobwebs and do some race miles before the first race of the year."
Author: Junqueira Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"Hopefully, this is the week. I'm doing some stuff and there hasn't been any pain, but these have been baby steps. We'll see what happens when I try things on Wednesday."
Author: Hanson Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"One can find so many pains when the rain is falling."
"He was feeling great until 4 p.m. Sunday when he had a really bad chest pain. He died at the hospital. Will was with him. He was joking with the ambulance drivers."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"I've played through a lot of pain, broken bones and things like that. But this is something that's centered. When you mess with your core and your back, I don't know how effective I would be out there today or yesterday. The pain there just kind of shocks your whole body."
Author: Grudzielanek Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"I've kind of realized that I'm going to have some pain. It's all part of the process. If I'm not going to throw breaking balls now, then when am I going to throw them? I'm going to be sore no matter what."
Author: Rincon Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"I know my pain threshold. I'm fine, ... It's come down to that point where you got to suck up a lot of stuff."
Author: Youkilis Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"When [the needle] moved it pinched something then I felt this excruciating pain. I first clenched my fist because the pain was so intense, then lots of blood was running onto my shirt, from my arm."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"We're doing everything to make the site simpler, ... People don't have a lot of tolerance for pain."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"He felt a pain in his calf. We will know more about it tomorrow but it will also be hard for him to play against Lille (next Sunday)."
Author: Fernandez Quotes Category: Pain Quotes

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