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Performance Quotes

731 Performance quotes:

"This was Jeff's best performance of the season. He has great speed and hand strength. I am just glad that he is on our side."
"As an arithmetic proposition in many mutual funds, chances are that by the time the great performance has been registered, you, the public investor, are only entering. You're coming in for the last of it."
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"It was our worst performance of the season."
Author: Andrew Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"This was our best performance by far. We raised our game and made so many tackles without missing half as many as in previous matches. Mentally we were prepared for the Crusaders and now we must just keep on doing the job. That will entail keeping our confidence up and sticking to our guns and our game-plan by hanging onto the ball and hopefully drawing first blood and not slipping thereafter."
Author: Grant Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"The performance against Gloucester was extremely encouraging, and we are looking forward to getting the Heineken Cup under way."
"We carry out this competitive performance barometer for the airline industry each year,"
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"I am enormously proud of the cultural performance our team produced for the Closing Ceremony. Through a dynamic display of artistry and imagination, the world saw the diversity and wonder of Canada and our love of winter sport. I could not be happier with the performance."
"Creating a GXP performance edition of the Solstice is a natural extension of the capabilities of this car. On its own, the base Solstice offers all of the qualities one would expect from a classic roadster — style, crisp handling, and spirited performance. The Solstice GXP takes that pure roadster DNA and pushes it to a new level, with a 47 percent boost in horsepower and other enhancements for a more thrilling driving experience."
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"Profitability was driven by an excellent performance from our device businesses,"
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"With very strong overall performance early in the quarter, we are seeing flows into the industry pick up once again, in contrast to the recent trend of assets remaining on the sidelines."
"The combination of all three should present a very memorable performance."
"Vince's performance today was the best I've ever seen him, ... They weren't going to allow us to run the ball, which was fine."
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"There is no finish line when it comes to system reliability and availability, and our efforts to improve performance never cease. Our community of success demands the most reliable service that we can deliver, and our outstanding performance in March is evidence of our dedication to scaling ahead of their needs."
"The economic performance is taking on even great significance in the market's understanding of the trajectory of Fed policy. Any disappointment with the Philadelphia Fed Survey could lead to renewed dollar selling."
"Sean Doolittle absolutely set the tone for that game with his performance on the mound on just four days rest. He set the tone for the weekend and fortunately, Casey came in there in the ninth and we found a way to win at the end."
"She started talking, and the audience didn't breathe until the performance was over."
"These vehicles are among the cream of the crop for mid-sized cars in terms of safety performance."
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"This is their big push, safety. [His idea] is not a performance issue. This is not trying to do anything to help one manufacturer versus another. This is, hey, we've got to do this before we hurt the guys that are going out there and trying to put on a good show for the race fans out there."
"She travelled well for a long way and at least it was a better performance than last time. Provided she is okay, the Matron Stakes will be next for her."
"The all-new 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 marries Jeep capability with SRT performance to create a vehicle that will leave in its dust competitors that cost twice the price,"
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