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Performance Quotes

731 Performance quotes:

"I thought my TV performance actually went fairly well."
"We should see interesting performance jumps at very low power. The biggest bang for the buck should be in portable video."
"If it can bring some new level of performance to products, it should be beneficial."
"Stocks are stuck in a hiatus between the performance of corporate profits and the hoped-for economic recovery."
"Maintaining strong fiscal performance combined with balanced investments provides a catalyst for the private sector to continue to grow."
Author: Winter Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Chief financial officers are becoming better educated about the role and impact of logistics on financial performance, driven in part by the need to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOA). Many companies, however, do not have a clear and accurate understanding of their transportation costs. They're often bundled together with other costs and reported at an aggregated level, thus preventing companies from allocating transportation costs to specific products, customers, or business units."
"It was a gutsy performance for John to take the mound. He really battled even though he had the cut on his hand."
"It's crazy. The sticker on your new player promises the equivalent of a high-performance car, but the fine print says you may be buying an Edsel instead."
"It has been a solid performance, but there's still a healthy level of skepticism because stocks aren't cheap right now."
"Wow, what a tremendous performance, particularly compared with the previous year,"
Author: Gordon Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"They went through a number of elements and a number of different scents, and their performance was very sub-par and unacceptable."
"They certainly had an offensive performance today. Those guys have the green light to take shots and we haven't been making as many as we like, but we knew we were gonna make them at some point in time and that point in time was today."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"We made changes to enhance the performance of the service online, and we introduced a technical glitch that in very, very, very limited cases was causing client files to be mixed with others,"
Author: Ernst Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Although booking patterns remained strong through early August despite poor operating performance, booking levels have since fallen on the adverse publicity surrounding the cancellations that occurred in early August,"
"Logicalis has helped us manage our IT resources proactively for optimum performance over the last three years. Technology is central to the success of any racing organization, and Logicalis has been a critical partner is helping Rahal Letterman Racing continue to be a championship team. We are looking forward to the next three years with Logicalis."
Author: Rahal Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"This wasn't our best performance. But it feels good to be the district champion."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"I'm extremely proud of the players' performance."
"We really want to get a stronger performance."
Author: Teran Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"It really is a quantum leap forward in the performance for the user both in voice and in data. The speed of it is really a system experience."
"Why? Because it's January and you can't worry about it. I don't think we had a bad performance, but I didn't think anybody stepped up and had a big performance."
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